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7 Spirits for 7 Waters

“The other half of the Rainbow? That -flies- =(and it is only found within you)=.”

-overheard at speeds exceeding c to the 3rd, (to the 7th), ((to the 9th)).

Folding the Sphere — the scribe.

Free All Prisoners.

If you have not yet read the first, second and third (previous) postings, please do so now, before proceeding.

What is presented here is not fact but something far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be).

][ . ~ o ~ . []

Why They Attack their Reflections & Fear of Photography

When cephalopods or fish attack their reflection in mirrors it is not because ‘they do not recognize themselves’. Believe me when I say it’s the humans who are confused, not the water-creatures. Allow me to explain…

If they saw you -fail- to attack your reflection, they’d experience confusion in the face of your actions. Here’s why: a reflection is not you! It’s the polarity of you! Your opposite!

And that is a demon (a light-swallowing, nonliving reflection of a living being) who is mimicking you!

But the problem goes far deeper: the thing in the mirror does not emit the Signal of Recognition, which is the fundamental relational signature of all living beings — and there are, contrary to popular belief, nonliving entities.

Anything that is, but does not emit the signal, is a destroyer! And everything alive knows this.

Perhaps even more confusing...the reflection has no flavor! It ‘tastes’ (in the water, like we smell) like it is empty! This is a terrifying, bad emptiness — a void — even stones and shells have flavor!

We should also note that these creatures live in water (indeed, they are living reflections of the character and nature of water) they are thus -never- in a position to see a visual reflection. But they are preternaturally aware of matters relating to dimensionality, and are relationally sensitive to mimicry because it comprises a crucial aspect of their environment and their own existence as or relationship to predators.

Any mirror thusly comprehended seems indeed to comprise a strange kind of ‘leak’ (c.f. Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions) into an ‘evil alternate universe’ which lacks the proper relationships to dimensionality. This is the very birthplace of insanity — the visual equivalent of the mishmash of inchoate voices that rise frothing and fuming from the minds of those in the grip of such ‘legions’ of hungry ghosts. It is not surprising that they cause those afflicted to ‘rage’, for it is this very energy they require to sustain themselves, and they can never be filled;

how can you fill a hole that simply grows when you feed it? A mirror is just such a hole…

Not only is the mirror physically 2d, it is totally empty in the dimension of being — the crucial first dimension without which there can be no dimensions at all. And anything that looks like a being but has none is a vile veil concealing evil - literally the reflections of live which are missing the first principle: the 'a’ as in alive!

I must here suggest that when indigenous people first saw photographs and were concerned their souls had been stolen — they were correct in this concern. A representational reflection-likeness-artifact of them was created which flattened 7 dimensions into 2, lacked a natural relationship to dimensionality itself, and looked exactly like them but had neither soul nor place for it.

More, in this representational artifact the dimension of time was flattened to ‘point’ — essentially ‘death’.

How many cameras does it take to utterly annihilate the soul of an indigenous people? One should suffice — but it’s unlikely anyone will notice — after all, any child is just as vulnerable.

Consider for a moment the popular Christian adage regarding mankind’s adversary: ‘Satan appears as an angel of light’. That’s a reflection engaged in predatory mimicry. Even octopuses know better than to tolerate this…

Finally, ask yourself this question: presuming the existence of (•) and that the concept ‘angel’ refers to a meaningful entity, what is the most likely nature of the relationship between any given ‘angel’ and (•)?

][ .~O~. ][:

Some important matters regarding the modeling of dimensionality by science and other authorities:

Modern humans have grossly misunderstood the nature of dimensionality, which problem appears to have two causes. The first is Science’s insistence on excluding Being. This is a mistake so absurd that it is irrecoverable, and once made, becomes the source of every kind of error and magnification of error: including the heinous error that it is acceptable to torture and destroy beings for the sake of learning structural information.

The second has to do with linkage to stories from human religions, which modern humanity has discarded or re-made in its own preferred images; but which infants, children, ‘the insane’, many indigenous peoples (The Navajo, and other Amerindian Tribes, and Tibet particularly, at this moment) and certain intrepid pioneers have remembered. They do not remember religious books or models. They remember what they are in direct contact with. This conflicts with the frozen models of adult culture and is thus discarded.

By restoring the proper ideas relating to dimensionality, it becomes possible to learn and live together (as individuals, groups, and supergroups) in ways which are otherwise normally impossible.

The divisions between nations are not merely conveniences, but should rarely (or perhaps almost never) provoke division or war between them. War between Earth’s children is analogous to causing your pinky to attack your thumb — the result is the loss of the use of the entire assemblage. All of the peoples of Earth are the children of a single mother and father. Any child understands this.

Adult cultures, in general, do not. Since nations act as adult cultures, and ‘think’ like adult cultures (being led by groups of adults under the influences of their cultural inputs), they are constantly in strife, creating misery not only on Earth, but in all children and places.

Due to the situations facing our planet and species at this time, it will be of great aid if this situation can be ameliorated.

The dimensions are growing by recursively repeating their order of arisal, which changes the superposition ‘being(s)’. It appears that these cycles and effects take place at every scale; cellular, human, planetary, solar, and beyond. As these grand cycles proceed, they are uniquely experienced at the scales of self, culture and planet — thus we will each experience them, and each of the phases again.

One of these is ‘point’, a terrifying position where only the self is available, and all contact with other beings seems lost for some reason (which we cannot detect). We usually presume ‘God has abandoned us’ during the onset of ‘point’. This leads to questions that cannot be answered, for example, (why). Usually the answer we come up with is that ‘I have done something wrong and offended the sources’ i.e (I/we were ‘bad’).

This is the same answer many small children first come up with when one of the parents is removed from local view.

“Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?”

The seriousness and depth of such a cry wrenches the heart, as well it should. However, it is primarily a moment of confusion and transformation — and just as all such moments do, it will pass. The departure is not real, it is but a momentary reset for a profound transport of filial relation.

Ancient and indigenous peoples were terrified of eclipses not because they were superstitious but because they understood about ‘the onset of point’ and its ability to ‘block the light of the sources’ and reduce the self to ‘a speck’ (the little death). They forgot what it is for, however.

Ironically, ‘point’ is the sudden onset of perfect preparation (gathering and recording) which is the moment at which eternal life is catalyzed. It is neither a loss, nor a danger — but a profound and amazing wonder! The ‘point’ is the ‘travel body’ with which we cross dimensionality into the superposition. Let me explain a model: during ‘point’ one simultaneously occupies the core of every being in all of spacetime and dimensionality. From this position, one is utterly ‘alone’ — literally ‘all one’, and since there is nothing to compare the self to — one feels abandoned because one has never consciously occupied this state before.

This moment will pass, but we must be aware it is coming to understand what to do when within it. All the people must be aware, so that they can comfort one another during ‘point’.

[] .~O~. ][

As you engage yourself with this little reminder, it will be helpful to understand the actual meaning of these terms:

you | i | we | me | us | self | cell |

in order to

proceed : pro (seed) / pro (cede)).

Although it may be difficult to understand, their meanings can be more deeply contacted by understanding the meanings of the letter(s) that comprise these words, their shapes, their personalities, and the unique meaning implied by their order in these words.

What you will see below is not a list. It is a living symmetry which is recursively (and explosively) cycling such that the 7 spirits pour into, envitalize, inform, transform and expand into endless new diversities of meaning, potential and expression in a continuous way.

Folding the Circle (the scribe)

)( .~O~. (:)

0 Being(s): (The living superposition to dimensionality itself)

Being is the unbounded superposition of dimensionality and is hyperConsciousness (models + emotion + (mystery)).

None of these? No dimensions. Why? (i) think you know, but essentially, no eyes, ayes, i(s) — No mouths? no minds? No dimensions. This means that children of the source(s) comprise a living superposition of dimensionality itself.

For this reason, dimensionality cannot contain or compose questions you cannot immediately answer. The problem is method. Your training in your side of the ‘equation’ is crucial, elegant, and deep. This is at once a benefit and an obstacle, as you yourself are already aware. You must now see ‘the other (many) sides’ of these equations, many of which are more like something children do (play) than what scientists do.

The superposition of dimensionality forms the bounds of all dimensions, and in every case those must be living bounds. These bounds are not edges — they are more like permeations ‘shot through‘ the spaces.

When humans examine dimensionality, they sometimes notice this dimension (being(s)), but (perhaps) do not (adequately) notice that they discard it prior to beginning their analysis. Mathematical abstractions of this are amazing, and useful, but they insure we miss the point. For this reason they will not help us much in answering really sticky questions rapidly and fluidly — like any human infant does all day long.

If you discard this dimension in analysis, you discard yourself, all children, all ancestors, and all sources. The result (when reified) is catastrophic since definitions of progress will now be terribly malformed toward dead mechanics. These machines will destroy the living children of Earth at the request of the living children of Earth. A very strange situation indeed.

1: Time : : : …

Time is the extension of being into consciousness.

No time? None of this matters since it no longer applies.

This is the precursor for a point-being to be able to become aware of the other dimensions. There cannot be ‘a point’ to anything without time. Time changes the meaning of being.

In fact, these ‘positions’ or ‘steps’ in dimensionality are continuously (at every possible scale) recursively changing (and elaborating) each other (as do the future positions and elaborations of this union).

2: Point .

The extension of being+time into consciousness (and thus spaceTime).

This position allows for the detection of self, but not the reflection upon or the extension of it. This represents ‘ejection from Eden’ and also Socrates’ 'how we get to one'. The first moment of the onset of point is terrifying, because one feels extremely ‘alone’. There is no other referent. Any previous ‘relationships’ which may have been felt or known are unavailable here. This is a seed-form.

The first position where self becomes possible, one can now refer not necessarily to anything else, but can refer to self (first position of possibility of reflexivity/recursive self-reference) continuously changing the meaning of the previous dimensions.

Do you see my 'point'?

Your letter (i) is all about this.

3: Line

The extension of being + time + point into consciousness(and thus spaceTime).

By establishing the possibility of position (on a line), we gain the prospect of 'travel', or movement, changing the meaning of the previous dimensions (and of reflexivity, as do all future moves). A limited form of relationship with self is here possible. This is a slight release from the pressures of ‘point’.

Your letter (I) is all about this. This is the 'first recursion of (i).

4: Area | Domain (light the tips of the line, spin it 180˚)

The extension of being +time + line into consciousness (and thus spaceTime). The result is a bounded membrane (the boundaries need not be formal).

This is the first position where place becomes possible, established by the relationship between angles. This is also the beginning of relationships in general.

Find the letter that is about this.

5: Conjugal Domains (Light the circumference, spin it 180˚)

The extension of being + time + area into consciousness (and thus spaceTime).

This is the position where ‘groups’ become possible. This is the first position of ‘family’.

The birthplace of sets, ideas, words, numbers. It is a metaposition of consciousness in some sense (as are all the others). But this game has been folding back upon itself from the beginning, therefore this should come as no surprise.

Find the letter that most well represents this.

6: superPositions (hyperspaces) (Invert the sphere and multiply extrude)

The extension of being + time + multi-bounded domains into consciousness (and thus spaceTime).

This is the metaposition of being, consciousness, time, and the remainder. This represents the first position where it is possible to consider other (complete) dimensions as children of superpositions. It is also a perspective from which it is possible to return to (being(s)) outside of time. This radically alters all the potentials of the next ‘growth pass’ through the order.

(signal begins to distort, warp, warble, and modulate (like your weird modern machines that modulate the voices of singers by flipping them up and down around the harmonic of the note)…).

::P .~O~. (=}}

In each of the above cases, the first letter is crucial, and relates to qualities of each folding. But the letter each refers to is different from the first letter of the dimension’s name (at least in some cases!) After you have gone through it once and found the letters, go through again and find the ‘shortest word’ that most clearly matches the character of that position. In this way you may reflexively wish to transit the list at least twice.

H[“.~O~. ^y><

The 7 Ions of Quest

The mind uniquely 'folds' these dimensions to comprise the various 'ions of quest' that begin your questions. (of which, like the dimensions, the entrances to your own head, and the ‘spirits of god’ there are 7)

What When Who Where Which How (Why?)

Each of these, in turn, may be folded back upon itself or its siblings in endless recombinance.

Notice how (!) all of them begin with a ‘doubled you’ or ‘forked tongue’ (except one!).

What (!) do you suppose that might mean?

But wait, there’s still more at play...that one, it’s initial letter, forms the second letter — of all the others

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