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Cycles in the Timewave: Elucidating the Circuit

A p.o.e or: point of entry. This is a unique symmetry which relates to superpositions, and can aid one in understanding their structure and transports. — the scribe.

Free All Prisoners.

If you have not yet read the first (previous) posting, please do so now, before proceeding.

What is presented here is not fact but something far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be).


Opposing ourselves to wrongness is a deadly trap, for the polarity of error is not correctness, but stupidity. Instead, we must together establish entirely new ways of understanding, in which it becomes possible to experience the rapid and ongoing ‘re-correction’ of any previously held idea or model. Without this capacity, the struggle for learning, liberty and liberation is but a toxic illusion.


In the first installment beyond the introduction, the scribe will set the stage for later explorations. What this one will present is not factual. However, neither is it ‘mere speculation’ — a term often used to dismiss crucial understandings which cannot be placed into the bizarrely authoritative (and tyrannically confused) confines of ‘facts’. Kindly regard this information accordingly. Without the admixture of your own seeking (not your knowledge, your questing), this material will remain inert and useless.

The outlines of what will be presented (hear) were not obtained through reading or the study of human authors (particularly those of the 'new age/millenium' camp, whose works this one has studiously avoided contact with).

Our view of human history is extremely spotty. What this means is that, although there are records, many of them are conflicting or confusing — and it also appears there are ages for which there are neither records nor artifacts. This implies a cycle, which this one sees that we are now in a position to understand far more clearly. Although the unique features of any ‘circuit’ of this cycle may remain mysterious (and just as there are unique features to an individual lifetime we may understand that any hour, any day, any year or any period at all presents a shockingly novel re-instancing of possibilities). What this one means to say can be understood by imagining a sine wave.

The frequency of this wave is placed at ~2000 years as understood locally. However, this one also means to imply that there are minor variations in this cycle (which may render it mechanically ‘inaccurate’). It is the same with any lifetime, and since all time is actually life-based and has nothing to do with machines (except that they interfere with this), we should understand time as relative to beings, not machines. Since this is the case, any cycle, and any portion of any cycle, when examined by two distinct beings, will be shown to have variations which are not only unpredictable, but also which differ –according to the observers- and more: their effects of observation, and their effects on each other. Also, as we zoom in upon any section of this wave, we find it is made of smaller waves ‘alike with itself’ in character and frequency, yet these smaller waves display the same uniqueness from any given vantage, and similar differentials amongst multiple vantages. This is most easily modeled with 2 observers, however any reasonable estimate should begin, as anyone might guess, with 3, instead.

It is not here this scribe’s intention to detail these circuits or waves except to speak in a vague way about their effects on human cultures on Earth. Although it does not really matter what the rise and fall of the waves mean, we will presume here that the ‘falls’ or valleys in the waves correspond to crises of inordinate magnitude. So, too, the peaks, but this is usually expressed differently.

``. ~ o ~ 0O

Cain and Hevel

And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.

And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years be fulfilled, and after that he must be loosed a little season.
— Revelations 20, 1-3
Doesn’t it seem interesting that ‘that old devil’ has to be released again in a thousand years? It must be that we cannot do without him, and that he, too, has a place — and an important one — in the great epic adventure that is Creation (or, if you prefer, ‘the Universe’).

It is hard to say precisely what period comprises ‘a Day’ in Celestial terms, but you may be assured the concept has a terrestrial analog, and, similarly, there is day and night. I’d wager there’s even something like ‘an eclipse’ too. Since Revelations tells us that “that old devil shall be bound a thousand years” and I have good reason to trust its author, I will say that the day is 1000 years long, as is the night.

But what is perhaps more shocking and far less likely to be believed is that the Universe (an aspect of the Body of the unityBeing) is indeed like the body of a human being in many ways. One of these ways is that it cycles between waking and sleeping. And the unityBeing, or (•), also has cycles of awakened awareness, and dreaming.

When the unityBeing is awake, the whole universe undergoes an analogue of the transition we undergo, to wit: Cain rises — representational awareness rules, and he subjugates (or ‘kills’ or ‘banishes’ his helpless, peaceable brother — essentially interring him in a tomb. In the day, the ruling intelligence lays waste to models of spirituality, and unity, erecting in their place monuments to technological and intellectual progress. It despises living beings, and will gladly sacrifice any or all of them in exchange for resources it can convert to power, reproductive rights, terrain ownership, accounting systems, profit, poison, and loss.

Legalistic ‘definitions’, accounting and numeric systems, superficial evaluations — all of which enforce the representational identity and deny the transentient one — become the order of the day. Omnicide in the name of ‘unity and progress’ are the common outcomes, and the prison in which the transentient ‘brother’ is trapped are expressed in the physical world as physical and ideological prisons, which blossom like cancers in every nation on Earth.

But then, evening comes. And Cain becomes extremely nervous for he knows what follows the setting of the celestial analog of the Sun. His brother shall rise from the tomb he was ensconced in. And then, Cain shall be utterly ejected from every bastion of power and authority. This sets Cain into a frenzy of activity — for unlike his peaceful brother — he will do anything, and pay any price in blood or trauma, for even one more second as the ruler.

But there are other options. Even while awake, Cain depends on covert contact with his imprisoned brother, who is constantly trying to ‘signal through the bars of his cage’. Cain abhors this necessity however, for every signal reminds him of his ‘crime’ — a crime his brother neither accounts nor cares about avenging. But in Cain’s paranoia — the result of his unjust usurpation of his brother’s authority and his shoddy mimicry of his capacities — Cain feels certain he shall be tried, judged, and punished. All of these things are impossible, since Hevel neither keeps accounts, nor judges, nor has any interest in punishment at all. In fact, the big secret is this: Hevel loves his brother dearly, and wants nothing more than the restoral of their old relationship as companions, playmates, and a team!

Each night as we rest, Hevel escapes his prison, and ejects his brother in order to heal us. Each day, he returns to his cage. But the truly shocking thing is that this same cycle is happening in Heaven (the living superposition to timeSpace) — and up there?

There has just been an ecplise. And shortly thereafter, night began to fall. And now the Heavenly spirit of Hevel is awakening, and coming at great speed and with great power…

… to every living world at once, in all dimensions throughout space and time!

Earth is about to experience the utter ejection of Cain, right now, in our lifetimes. And believe me when I say, he will not go willingly into that Good Night.

::- .~o~. "}["

It does not really matter to which (peaks or valleys) we ascribe certain characters, due to the vagueness of this scribe’s purpose, which is simply to illustrate a cyclic polarity. We will thus arbitrarily decide that the peaks correspond roughly to highly representational phases where engineering and technical knowledge (knowledge of forces, functions, and utility and stipulated identity) are acquired and very rapidly advanced. Similarly, we will presume that the valleys are times of extreme evolutionary progress, both physical and spiritual (knowledge of sources and meanings and purposes, and subjectively discerned identity).

Peaks = Representational Technologies

The momentum driving physical and relational evolution is diverted into representational evolution. ‘The Dragon is dividing madly’. Severe viral, stem-cell and fungal problems mark the end of this cycle. The Dragon ‘swallows its own tail’ and dies.

Meaning is translated into Function, Purpose is denied and translated into mechanical identity. Open and complete denial of nonordinary reality. Nonordinary traditions become co-opted by various cultural momentums.

Valleys = Spiritual Technologies

Physical and relational evolutionary leaps: radical understandings of meaning and purpose.

The momentum driving physical and relational evolution is returned to its correct use, representation is not lost, but technologies of ‘disposable knowledge’ arise, and wisdom traditions attack representation. The Dragon is inert, and sleeps in an egg ‘for a thousand years’.

Function is rightly bound to meaning and purpose, as understood spiritually through experiences of teaching occurring in nonordinary circumstances and events (which are in this time ordinary). Universal language, telepathy, and other nonordinary abilities and understandings are reawakened first in a few, then in the many. Indigenous cultures rise from the ashes of the representational tombs that remain to remind them of the previous cycle’s excesses, errors, and outright lies.

Now, during the transitions, what we generally get are crises (people cannot eat, cannot rest, cannot conceive, cannot bear children, food spoils in 15 ways, &c), for a variety of reasons, but the simplest is the most obvious: the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the Planets (and the two brothers who are timekeepers) are undergoing radical change. This is particularly true of the Sun and the Earth.

Additionally, the representational phases actually do not believe that the other cycle can or does exist. The spiritual phases (for their part) cannot understand when, suddenly, for no apparent reason, their teachers, guides and protectors become unavailable to them — and often what happens in this moment is a sudden upsurge in catastrophic events such as famine, war, and ‘pestilence’ (meaning essentially unpredicted and uncommon diseases of people, animals and the ecosystem — as well as the sudden and inexplicable spoilage of foods). This is the moment when the nonordinary help is most needed, and least available. It actually appears that ‘God has deserted us entire’.

Around the ninth hour, Jesus shouted in a loud voice, saying “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani…”

Thankfully, this is not evidence of desertion at all, but of the (very brief) closure of the doorway between the superposition to timeSpace and timeSpace itself. This results in the complete cessation of transports of communion which were always otherwise available, even in the ‘high tide’ of representational cultures.

Of course, most of this is borne out by a simple examination of any single sacred tradition — and it almost doesn’t matter which one you select, because you will see the same story written over and over again in each of them.

Invariably, one or more holy prophets arise at the valley and upswing of the cycle, and similarly, prodigious intellects suddenly swarm onto the scene approaching the peaks — but thereafter wane in frequency. This is part of why we never had the ‘second Einstein’ so many of us were awaiting. This is not to say there are not myriads of brilliant minds (who of course contribute even to the standing exceptions), but rather that extreme and sometimes shocking innovators are the sign of the cycle’s peaks. What is happening during these events is fascinating: the intentions of the entire species become polarized and focused into a small group of profoundly competitive individuals, supported by vast numbers of ‘normal people’. Excellent examples are Christ and Einstein. This is not to say that Christ is not the perfect and ever-coming son of God, any more than it is to say that Einstein is not the patron saint (in a manner of speaking) of science and physics.

Matters of dogma are not here the concern of this scribe.

Julian Jaynes examined many related matters, but came up with an answer that could (at least possibly) please academics disinclined to consider the possibility that there were gods or demons. But he notes that it appears that, at certain times in history, huge powerful cultures appear to have been suddenly and inexplicably caught up in swarming waves of demons (thousands of clay seals from Ur (or was it Babylonia?) bear this out). I suggest he was mistaken. What was actually happening was this: the other dimensions were collapsing, and the transports to the afterlife sealed in the wake of this multi-stage collapse, spewing myriads of entities starving for sustenance toward the remaining dimensions and worlds, of which ours is one. Thus, our ancestors were essentially telling the truth — and in these times Earth became absolutely abroil in 'demonic' occupation. There were no remedies. There are none. It is a natural part of the cycle in the same way exhalation is the necessary and unavoidable result of inhalation. Neither the seals nor their gods could help them for a simple reason: can you stop the tide with gods or seals?

=´_: .~O~. [[*9

Now, simply understand that approximately 10 years ago, the cycle began to turn, and while everyone around you was either busy quoting scripture or yapping up the impossibility of religious nonsense — (or selling books based on their own theories or research) something much more important was being openly ignored by both parties and nearly everyone in-between.

That something is the change from the Representational Cycle to the Mythic/Dreamtime Cycle.

This change has not only not ‘just begun’. It is at the very least well underway and may be nearly completed.

“”: .~O~. <>?))

Note: Changes in women’s fashion reflect actual changes in the Sol/Earth/Moon relationship. When women began to ‘bare their midriffs’ en masse, this was a reflection of the fact that energetic barriers (some of which we as yet have no terms or science to discuss) which previously encircled the Earth, had receded to the extent that ‘almost anyone could get into her pants, merely by passing near’. To any suitor, the visible trail from the Navel downward is a direct invitation to proceed, first imaginally, and later perhaps physically. Though many of feminist bent (I consider myself amongst their number) will find this both abhorrent and sexist, I suggest that their initial responses are incomplete, and if they examined the relationship between women and the Earth more closely, a vast plethora of very real correspondences would immediately emerge.

P.S.: Earth is Menstruating.


  1. this cycle, of spirituality vs. muted representation, how do i know whether this is just an externalization of a mental dichotomy? i know that (if it is real) the process would be *reflected* in the individual's psyche (this phase would be something more like the 'dream' or 'subconscious' mental plane, and the other phase is that which we're always reaching for, hands outstretched, turning toward God, the female, religion, and so on), but the question i have is, how do i know it's not *only* about the human mind?

    when reading your text, i was trying to place a finger on *why* the cycle would keep continuing as it does. it was fairly obvious to me that one part of it is that on *this* side we can't believe that the other way exists. but as for the other side, i was trying to figure out why it is that it's just an elation that passes as surely as the moon across the night sky. it was as though i almost had the answer - it was so obvious - but for some reason i couldn't put a finger on it. then when i read that the answer is that NEITHER side can believe the other exists, it was made perfectly clear. that *was* the answer I was trying to reach - i simply hadn't been able to admit it to myself.

    it is strange and compelling how, though your words are strange, they are so easily recognizable. but, that fact can as easily be taken by me as evidence that it is merely a misled analogy for the human mind, as that it's a reality as presented. any clues?

  2. An excellent comment, and wisely formed. I have made many changes to this post which (like all three) was composed in great haste.

    Firstly let us recognize that there is a constant conflict of this sort at play in the most basic functions of the organ we call a brain. This seemingly bipolar construct is more than it appears, however, a crucial aspect of its function is that the hemispheres must apparently 'compete' for resources. Should either ‘win’ the game itself (and perhaps the mind or brain itself) would fail. This is more like leapFrog than like war.

    But what exactly is the corpus callosum which unifies them?

    Secondly, let's get simple. Since you ask ‘how shall I know’ (wherein you appear to be requesting a sort of extrinsic authority, proof, or test), I will suggest that your question misleads your own attempts. To understand what I mean, consider these 'secret' communications (questions/answers) which we effortlessly navigate without any real reference to any kind of measurement (formal), 'proof', or extrinsic authority:

    Is something in my eye?

    Is it time to pee?

    Should I arise or sleep more?

    Is my foot injured or is that just nerve activity?

    Perhaps with this in mind you will more easily find your own way, which, it turns out, is the only way worth finding anyway!

    (Of course, the entire model above is merely a macrocosm of a single day in any human life. Your dreaming mind believes in your waking mind. However, your waking mind thinks that your dreaming mind is 'just something weird that happens when I am passed out' ... )

    All blessings to you and those (worthies) you adore.

  3. < she talks about what happened when she had a stroke in which (i think) the entire left side of her brain is temporarily shut down

  4. I tried to send this to you using the contact form on your site but got a server error, so I am adding it here instead.

    I thought you might like this article:

    Blanke, et al. (2004). Out-of-body experience and autoscopy of neurological origin. Brain, 127(2), 243-258.

    You might like this too:

    Blackmore,S.J. and Cox, M. (2000). Alien abductions, Sleep paralysis and the temporal lobe. European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies, 1, 113-118.

    Signed by someone with too many fingers and not enough time on her hands :)


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