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Work in Progress II: The Time-Being

*&( .~o~. {]-

When you see women or children speaking in a higher pitch to animals, other children, or dolls or insects — do you think it is merely cute? If so, you’re sorely mistaken. What’s actually happening is that they are encoding more information per cycle of vibration than lower voiced signals do. Since smaller creatures (and cellular hyperstructures) are living at a faster rate of relational (and thus sonic) time, the creatures actually receive more information. To raise the pitch is to modulate time upward in speed. To lower it is to slow it. Earthquakes are speach. A dog’s bark is a complete sentence. The only reason you can’t understand them is that you’re listening at the wrong rate. Your cells can hear the smallest, fastest rate. Your ears can hear much of the rest, what is beyond your ears, your bodies themselves (being networks, and instances of networks) can hear the rest. All of language is yours, and your form is perfectly suited for this.

Laughter is when you suddenly — and usually happily — emit copious flows of information in spasms, and it is contagious. Crying is similar, but the heart moves usually in the opposite polarity. Sometimes laughter and crying come together. In a mixed emergence. All of these, like the infant’s cooing, the calls of birds, the speech of insects, and the very voice of the planet are discernable to you. You are made of them, how could it be otherwise? But the static language you use, and its presumptions, lie to you, putting you into a strange hypnotic state from which very few awaken. The reason they cannot awaken is simple: the fundamental definitions they use to identify things, beings and circumstances have been impoverished in ways invisible to those who have never played with similar cognitive assets not sharing this characteristic.

Listen to the sound of the laughter of the children. It contains pure information, unsullied by paradigm of its encoding, expression, or decoding. It is a gift beyond all price, and an asset beyond all value. It contains the answer to every question, every problem, every threat.

Listen to the sound of those crying for their lost loved ones. For their children, wives, parents, husbands, brothers, friends, sisters, teachers. For their pets. For their masters. Listen to the sound of their weeping, their hope for simple dignity, their dream of a better world.

Or listen to the dolphins. Or the whales. Listen, indeed, to the sky itself.

But Listen!

Temporal Linkages in Animalian Cognition

The experience of time is related to the flow of biocognition (organismal sensing, evaluation, response, communion) through, around, and within an organism, its constituents, and the groups and supergroups of which it is at once a member and an instance.

It is my experience that human models of time are completely misfounded. I’m not the only one with this idea, nor am I the first. The problem is serious, and deadly, and needed resolution long before Einstein began explaining that time and space were unified, and that our models were wrong. But it goes beyond that into the mechanization of our experience…

Some 50 years later, we have failed to integrate these understandings, let alone surpass them. This situation must change immediately since it comprises a serious threat to human safety and intelligence. It comprises a constant threat to the very basis of human intelligence.

“[“ .~o~. }[0I

A group of scientists led by Diana Freckman of Colorado State University occupy a research station near the permanently frozen Lake Hoare in the McMurdo Dry Valley. Studying the ecology of the area, they have discovered a curiously simple ecosystem within the soil. Though the land is frozen half a mile deep, it is covered by a thin dry soil eroded from the rocks by the scouring wind. This soil harbours frost-tolerant bacteria and algae which are grazed upon by one or two species of nematode worm, themselves the prey of a third species of worm. The worms are mostly present in the soil as desiccated husks. Only when a rare trickle of snow meltwater moistens the soil do the microbes and nematodes spring into activity, hurriedly grazing, eating, and reproducing before the freeze entombs them again.

—Johnjoe McFadden, Quantum Evolution, W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., 2000, p.22

Day and night obey different clocks, and the one obeyed by night has little or nothing to do with timepieces. Many domains of temporal relation reliably exist, and nearly none of them are discussed either at the dinner table or the academy. During the night, time warps and distorts, freezing, stuttering, and speeding beyond the capacities of our measuring. Understanding anything about the actual nature of time requires a radical departure from the models nearly every authority will demand we obey. Though we need not discard them, we must utterly de-authorize them in order to gain direct experience that is unprogrammed by their implicit schemas. We have such experience all the time, we are simply hobbled by everything we are trained to observe, name, and experience.

Although we may apply mechanical models and measures to time for our own use, convenience, or the enforced slavery of self or others, Time is not so much a matter of mechanics as it is a matter of relation. Our terribly flat (monodimensional and relationally ignorant) ideas about these circumstances and their measure are crippling our intelligence, as well as our persons. This is something we must closely attend together and resolve, both for current and future generations.

Here on Earth, cells, organelles, insects, animals, plants, fungi and human beings have meaningful experience of the cycles of the orbital entities: the Sun, the Moon, and (the many) others.

Make no mistake; very tiny orbitals may loom large in the relational experience of terrestrial life-forms. An example would be any object which is either closely approaching, impacting, or sending particles of itself down into the atmosphere of Earth. There are other forms of effect far more cryptic as the practice of astrology and other mantic arts implies.

In case you doubt that new or untracked orbitals commonly have significant effect on terrestrial experience or the planet herself, avail yourself of research on the crater we call Chicxulub and the Tunguska event.

More recently, (and more cryptically) the arrival and near passage of two ‘ancient timekeepers’ is of interest to those who understand the Navajo (and Amerindian) ‘Following Pair’ mysteries, and those whose inner senses recognize the arrival of tiny messengers who nonetheless have a significant ‘impact’ even though they may not strike the Earth directly. I speak of 2010 AL30 and 2010 AG30. Discovered on January 10, 2010, these objects made their close approach on 1/13 (.3 lunar distances) and 1/14 (2.7 lunar distances) of 2010.

Scientists called them ‘weird’ and they were far more correct than any can understand or admit. Shortly before their approach the entire Pacific Plate lit up with extreme earthquake activity around its circumference, with the first in a series of large quakes coming on the day of the closest approach of 2010 AL 30. On January 12, 2010 at 21:53 GMT (13:53 PST) a 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti killed some 200,000 people. I believe these events are related, and that there is either a causal or signaling relationship between these objects and the Earth’s sudden geological upheaval. 2010 AL 30 passed through the constellations Orion, Taurus and Pisces, the Archer, The Ox or Bull (•), and The Twin Fishes (double vesica). This strikes me as particularly meaningful, however explaining its significance is not here my goal. The Archer may refer to an event analogized in Robin Hood, in which (•)’s interests and plans are being secretly served, while ‘Two Women” are involved, either as allies, neutrals, or opponents.

*-( .~o~. []{


In this image of process, red = past and blue = future. These should probably be reversed, which would result in the images being inverted. Nonetheless, we can see that with each ‘pulse’ (or iteration of the source) there is more of both — past and future, and thus, though time has a beginning and an end, these do not have the meanings associated with limits. Additionally, through its transdimensional nature, ‘all of time’ is always available, ‘right here, in the now’ (the center). From this center, actions and awareness ‘reach out’ of temporal and physical locality to change both the past and the future (in open defiance of models that freeze the past or the grant too much importance to the temporal and physical position of the being in question (the self)).

I would like to begin with a simple model. But before I do, I ask that you consider that the size and complexity of an organism must necessarily (and dramatically) affect its experience of time, and it is this experience that matters, not our mechanical measurements. But this ‘idea’ is physically real, not just an imaginative concept. Although the politics of light affect the experience of the simultaneity of events, so too do the politics of size and complexity.

The reason we use insects (or cells) in laboratory genetics experiments is simple: they provide the opportunity to observe multiple generations in a short or very short time span, and this allows us to more adeptly trace the complexities of phenotypes and other genetic expressions at play.

But size is not the only arbiter of temporal experience. Additionally, we must differentiate between simpler organisms (such as single-cell organisms) and more complex organisms (such as an insect, mouse, fish, or other animal). Time (or what I would call temporal flow) also has a lot to do with the number of constituents that comprise an organism or group, as well as the physical size. It should be clear that (as a guideline to which there are numerous exceptions) time is passing much faster for small, relatively uncomplex organisms than it does for larger relatively complex organisms — and the crucial thing to notice here is that relationality (the effective possibilities of relational activity and experience) is a crucial factor in this difference.

Before we move onto the next phase of our exploration, let’s take a moment to note that although the heart rate of various animals may differ dramatically, it’s not merely a fable that each kind of creature gets approximately the same number of heartbeats in a lifetime. Nor is it a binding rule, but there is strong evidence that size (in animals) has a binding relationship to life expectancy as it may be measured by mechanical methods utilized by representational humans. It should be noted that very few indigenous peoples utilize mechanical methods for temporal relation or measurement.

{;L .~o~. |]_\

Now, let us begin with a model. First, we will use a model that doesn’t involve organisms. To make it simpler, we’ll invert the familiar model of a planet thusly:

Imagine a mirror on the inside of a sphere. At the core of the sphere is a lightsource, such that the interior of the sphere is illumined. The sphere rotates slowly about the lightsource at the center, and the sphere is permeable such that someone may introduce objects into it. We will introduce a droplet of ‘mirrorWater’ which you may imagine as being like a droplet of mercury which clings to the sphere’s inner wall and does not move except if the sphere is jostled by some extrinsic force, in which case it does what liquids do (it jiggles until it expends the energies it acquired from the jostling). Since the sphere is a mirror, and the mercury is a mirror, these both mirror each other, and also the light source. In this simple model, we will measure the flow of time as ‘the relative quantity of observable changes in reflections (in the sphere’s surface and the droplet) during one complete rotation around the core’. We will make one revolution in this state, to establish a baseline. Having never seen such a mirror, I am not sure what the result of adding the droplet would be, it might exist like a jewel atop a ‘ring’ of reflection that travels relative to the droplet as the sphere resolves. Someone with a better understanding of physics will have to answer this question for me.

Now, as a control, we‘ll remove the lightsource, evacuate the sphere, and run the same revolution. Is there any flow at all? In other words… with no participants, and nothing relating to itself or anything else (remember, we’re limiting our inquiry to the inside of the sphere), time really isn’t happening. There’s nothing to relate against, so there can’t be any flow. Flow requires, at the very minimum, a subject and a context. No ‘reflections’, no flow. We could also say ‘no relations, no flow’. We could argue about whether or not we need living participants, but for now, for the sake of our model, we have agreed to set this argument aside.

Let us return to our lit sphere, with one droplet of waterMirror. We will freeze time, and while it is frozen, we will add a second droplet of mirrorWater near the first. We will then resume our rotation for the span of one complete cycle. The first thing that happens is not a doubling of flow. Much more. In fact, one might say that the ‘amount’ of flow has increased ‘infinitely’ or at least in a way that superficially appears infinite. Here’s why: regardless of whether our droplets make rings or not on the inside of the sphere, they create constantly modulating feedback between each other and the surface of the sphere. This is the effect you’ve seen at some barbershops where you have a mirror before and behind you, and they create an ‘infinite’ tunnel of reflections. On curved surfaces, this effect will differ, but will share features with flat mirrors. So the ‘arithmetic’ addition of a single other relational element does not result in an arithmetic increase in flow, but in a logarithmic one. And this is further echoed in the complexification of the medium (the sphere) or the context in which these events are ‘contained’.

Now let’s merely add ‘weather’, and run another cycle. What we shall notice is that each drop experiences the entire cycle from a unique — yet utterly complete — position of relation. Beyond that, they each uniquely experience and express each other’s reflections. Again, the increase in flow is astonishing, add –anything at all- to our little model, and the substantive and quantitative effects are staggering to behold. And yet, we are only examining little bubble-shaped mirrors. Before we depart for more sophisticated terrains, let us make two last changes to our model, which now has variable weather. The first change will be that each of our droplets will divide, forming a child on the opposite side of the sphere. Each of these children shall conserve the entire history of their parent, and become not a new ‘individual’, but instead, a new instance of all historical moments (all experiences, all reflections) of its parent. As with their parents, they shall also reflect each other, the sphere, and the weather — as well as (we presume this is possible), their parent and its companion. Now the outcome of this is of an entirely new order, because both parent and child affect each other and their companions recursively, such that any changes to the child or parent, whether they are in direct reflective contact or not, profoundly affect each other’s experiences and expressions of temporal flow in a similar variety of even more sophisticated ‘infinite progressions’, which, of course, change the context in a similar fashion as well.

And our last thought experiment will be to repeat the previous phase, with a new addition — the occasional random physical disturbance of the sphere itself. We will imagine small objects crashing into its outside surface, causing vibrations within that ‘jiggle’ our waterMirror bubbles. This slight alteration in the environment introduces radical new complexities, as each bubble modulates uniquely during these disturbances, and generates entirely new dimensions of experience, expression, and reflection. Again, the arithmetic addition results in a logarithmic expansion of actual data, and temporal flow.

In this model, the experience of time is unique to each participant and also comprises a shared experience of inter-reflection in which the unique character, history, and position of each participent imbues the flow with novelty, treasures of learning, and myriads of other features that insure it is a living flow, rather than a mechanical pulse. Time is emerging as the instantaneous outcome of relation amongst many simultaneous orders or scales — and any group that can be comprised from the bubbles. The addition of other variables endows the bubbles with further unique distinctions, yet simultaneously the result is that the fundamental nature of the unity (the sphere, that which disturbs it, the weather within, the bubbles, the reflections) is enhanced with new domains of relation, velocity, and the polarities of these.

Note: Prokaryotes (bacteria) usually ‘mature’ (become capable of division) within a few hours of being thusly generated (this varies upward to a few days). Some generate spores during inhospitable circumstances, and these are essentially hibernation-bodies which can be viable from months to years if current understandings are correct.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work in Progress: The Transentient Networked Intelligence of the Commensal Microbiota (TNICM)

Free All Prisoners.

If you have not yet read the first five (previous) postings, please do so now, before proceeding, unless you have been specifically invited to begin here.

What is presented here is not fact but something far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be).

]+ .~o~. +=[

On the Necessity of the Transentient Networked Intelligence of the Commensal Microbiota for the Establishment and Function of Human Cognitive Capacities.

“Today, although mitochondria still possess their own DNA and still reproduce like bacteria, they cannot live on their own. The parasitism has become permanent: neither partner can escape, neither can survive separation. The first protists were thus odd couples, the results of fusion of two, or (in the case of plants), at least three once-independent beings. But unlike the fire-breathing being of Greek mythology who has the head of a lioness, the midsection of a goat, and a dragon’s tail, these chimeras were real.

How do predators become symbionts? How does a deadly infection become a bodily part?

The Korean-American biologist Kwang Jeon at the University of Tennessee has already witnessed such a transformation in the laboratory. The answer is thus less a mystery than before. Jeon’s experiments dramatically show how bacteria can change from virulent pathogens to needed organelles.

Like many of science’s most amazing discoveries, Jeon’s came about accidentally to the prepared mind. To his initial dismay he found one day that his amebas, which he grew in laboratory dishes, were sick and dying. Microscopic investigation revealed that each Amoeba Proteus was infected with some 150,000 strange bacteria. All but a few amebas died. Curious about the moribund survivors, Jeon injected new, healthy amebas with infectious bacteria taken from the moribund. Most newly injected amebas died within a few days although, again, some managed to survive. Those that did reproduced more slowly. After some months all the survivors were infected. But these survivors had fewer bacteria inside them than those which had died.

After growing generation upon generation of infected amebas, Jeon extracted the nuclei from several. He transplanted these nuclei into healthy, bacteria-free amebas, whose own nuclei had been microsurgically removed. The amebas with the transplanted nuclei died on the third or fourth day — unless Joen rescued them with a needleful of bacterial “infection”. The disease had thus become the cure. A deadly bacterium had become a vital cell part.

Decades later Jeon’s infected amebas are alive and well and living in in Knoxville, Tennessee. His experiments have been repeated numerous times, and now he observes that the amebas differ in many features from their never-infected ancestors. Pathogens have become symbionts on at least four occasions. Symbionts have become organelles each time. Invader and invaded merge, evolve into new life forms. Branches on the tree of life do not always diverge but sometimes come together to produce strange new fruit.”

— Dr. Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan, What is Life?, pp.107, Simon & Schuster, 1995 (The widow and son of Dr. Carl Sagan)

The approximate ratio of bacterial cells to animal cells in your body is: 10 to 1. Think about this carefully before you decide what your brain is, whether or not you have a soul, and what it means to be alive and cognitive. Ask yourself if there is not something more than ‘a species’ involved in being an animal or plant.

Think about this when you evaluate what is happening to you when you dream, or experience emotions such as joy, wonder, sexual desire, the desire for intoxicants, fear, hatred, love, disgust, horror, offense, &c.

Have you had an orgasm? Do you not still wonder what it is that is going on there — or do you just take it for granted? Do you feel sensations in your belly? In your torso?

Have you had a psychedelic experience? Do you really think that’s about your brain? Do you remember those sensations in your gut during onset, peak, and descent?

Have you ever awakened from a dream to feel your belly ‘swirling’? Ever fall, spinning, back into yourself after a dream?

Have you ever had ‘the spins’ either from being horribly sick, or horribly drunk? Ever fainted?

I hope that you do not -really- think that all of those experiences are ‘just your brain’ — because, let me tell you, if you took that thing in your head out of your body, it would neither have those experiences, nor survive the experience. But strangely — the opposite is not true:children born ancephalous (literally without brains), often survive quite some time. I believe one just had his first birthday. Score one for the home team, the kid’s got guts.

Scientists want to tell you that, as far as awareness goes, and personhood goes, it is about your brain. I am going to demonstrate that they are very confused about the nature and players of the game we call cognition. And more: brain-dead people are not dead (yet). You can argue till you’re purple about the ethical and legal ramifications, but if they have —any— capacity to have either brain or digestive activity (of any kind whatsoever) that person is a person, and is alive.

Something far far more amazing is going on than either Science or Religion can admit. In fact, both those of those ways of knowing have vested interests in either eliminating or co-opting the miracle we are. Practically no one is willing to admit it. Even the miracle itself.

That miracle is you.

Perhaps it’s about time we actually got a glimpse of this something. Together. With and for the sake of our actual source(s) and each other.

— the scribe

what are prokaryotes?

)({ .~o~. (^)

It’s become popular in certain eccentric subcultures to sing the praises of DNA as if it were itself God in tinyForm, or god’s fingerprint. I think that’s rather goofy — because DNA is clearly a vehicle for the expression of something much more interesting than its admittedly wonderful self. But I wonder how many of those ‘true believers’ in the mystical wonder of DNA realized that they were automatically 9/10ths wrong?

Why? Because they were not even aware that 9/10ths of their DNA is not being counted. And it just so happens that the 9/10ths of ourselves we conveniently swept under the rug, and burned down like forests being made into charcoal, were actually crucially important assets to our physical, emotional, immunological, and amazingly wonderful selves.

“:&& .~o~. &*:’

For 6/7ths of the history of life on Earth — there were no brains.

I am at this very moment eating yogurt, and I am going to be blunt. The organ of knowing was the gut. That delicate squishy bit in your headsack is little more than a very recently sent up evolutionary -flower-, and it serves a very similar purpose.

Throughout your body, and specifically in the mouth, throat, esophagus, digestive tracts, stomach and intestines you have an anciently evolved intelligence which is not human. It is the transentient bacterial network that comprises your birth-inheritance — an acquired universe of potential, histories, and capacities. Linked with your enteric nervous system and the left hemisphere (or the opposite in left-handed people) it becomes empowered to resolve any set of problems faster than you can generate them.The reason is simple: it’s been doing precisely that for so long that making numbers about it is absurd. This is the Tree of Life.

But, of course, there is a problem in paradise. And that problem is our secondary acquisition — a virulent, warmongering invader who refuses to share power, or be tamed. That interloper, that old ‘serpent’ is primarily the assets which eventually comprise our faculties of representational cognition. The tokens and methods that are expressed as formal communications, recording, and recapitulation schemas. Knowledge, and language. These co-opt the resources that would otherwise be available for deployment as active sensing, which is, in general, what animals and insects and plants are all about. In fact, pretty much every life form on Earth -other- than mankind is doing precisely that, all the time, without fail.

Mankind does something rather backwards. Representational sensing while awake, and active sensing while dreaming. This is the Tree of Knowledge — a kind of living death.

Very strange.

While you are awake, your anciently evolved biocognitive intelligence assets can only barely function, because the fuel and energetic flow that is their lifeblood (so to speak) is being siphoned off by the activity and function of the representational self, which is acquired through cultural immersion and becomes domineering during childhood (usually around ages 4-7).

This domineering ‘alien’ intelligence is a warrior and usurper par excellence. Once established through cultural inoculation, it expands explosively, utilizing all available metabolic and cognitive momentum for its own conquest, elaboration, regeneration, and general dominance of waking consciousness. This is one of the most sophisticated biocognitive con-games ever conceived of, because the invader is using the momentum of the victim to imprison that victim and utterly dominate them. This is not enough, however, it is not a matter of a single victim — the invader exists as a hyperactive, self-distributing network attack — it arrives to contagious proximity in, as and through every single person and all of the media we encounter.

While everyone around us are appear certain they are doing us a loving favor, they are destroying us with an infection so ubiquitous as to be considered a gift! And the vector of that infection is simply language, and formal knowledge. The specific ‘species’ of the ways of knowing that generate and distribute these for common inoculation are the culprits. We know them by common monikers: Science. Medicine. Religion. The Prison/Military/Industrial Complex. Educational Institutions. Courts. Advertisers. Gurus. Pornographers. You name it, it’s somewhere in the soup. This isn’t to say that all formal languge — or all culture — is dangerous in this way, or that all ways of knowing are like this. What I am saying is that the species that has had a hold of most of the world for a very long time is toxic, deadly, and shockingly self-interested. It’s the most competitive species, and it has killed of nearly all of its previously relatively diverse competitors. It’s not going to stop now that it’s near the finish line. Believe it.

But when you go to sleep, your anciently endowed transentient intelligence awakens, ejects the usurper (either largely or completely) and begins immediately attending its many crucial duties which have been completely ignored (or generated) by the daytime tyrant. It assists the body in restoring vital metabolic and energetic resources, and, through dreaming, to restore a variety of crucial energetic, metabolic and cognitive assets. Dreaming, it turns out, is central to both your ability to learn, and to survive — but more, it is central to our ability to function as cohesive groups, to troubleshoot problems, and to deal with dangers both seen and unseen.

At the heart of these epic conflicts and abilities lies something our science is too primitive to understand yet. It is not merely a bacterial intelligence, or your enteric nervous system or even your left hemisphere. It is all three of them, and much, much more. These elements form a unity, and that unity is not merely local to you in spaceTime — it is multiply local and transtemporal. These are concepts we can only barely speak meaningfully about, in part because Science only allows them to be discussed in the narrow scope of theoretical physics. Biology is not going to catch up any time soon, and even if it did it is impossible to pretend that our crude cartoons of these realities have much to do with their actual nature.

But there is one thing biology does tell us, and this thing is important: in order to slice a protein, an enzyme must manipulate single particles from superposition. This happens countless times per microsecond all throughout your body. Bacteria do this all day long. What I want to suggest is just as simple: that superposition is a unified position, where every being in all of space and time and including all dimensions, possible, probable, real, and imaginary — is one. From that position -all- information and any possible subset of information is not only available — it is alive, and that ‘superposition’ can, in a manner of speaking, and will answer questions ever more perfectly each time they are asked.

Now, what I am saying is that your entire body is sensitive to this, but particularly the network I have described above. Damage to this network, its connectivities or its constituents damages your mind, your body, and all of your organs, as well as rendering your immune system and CNS vulnerable to a wide variety of deleterious forces and pathogens.

Do not make the mistake of thinking I speak only of the microbiota of your digestive system; there are also many areas on the surface of your body which are similarly biocognitively active, unless you are constantly sterilizing them with soaps and chemistries designed to ‘kill germs’. Your mouth is particularly sensitive to ‘germ killers’, and nearly every company that sells any sort of common body or mouth product wants to ‘help you get rid of bacteria’.

Unfortunately, what these products are actually doing in the majority of cases is killing us, piece by piece. They are also affecting microbial evolutionary pathways in a variety of domains. These companies, advertising themselves as ‘warrior heroes’, are doing precisely the same thing to our bodies that corporations, oil companies, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow Chemical and others are doing to the environment: wholesale omnicide billed as technological progress, or even heroism.‘Listerine — kills germs on contact’.

What this translates into is hard to believe, but essentially is this: kills you on contact.

Reflect upon this for a moment the next time some doctor or scientist insists that you ingest a broad-scale antibiotic, or even an antifungal. In some cases such prescriptions are necessary. In many, however, they are harmful in ways we may not be able to think clearly about.


On the other side of this conflict, we must entirely re-evaluate the representational element in our cognitive persons at every possible scale — we must understand the intruder, its natures, and functions — its deadly dangers. Other than some few philosophers, people do not realize that the basic substrates of our dominant language and knowledge systems are attacking us and everything we love and care about — yet this is precisely what is, and has been, and must be going on. No one believes that ways of knowing — or ideas — can actually act as organisms do, or bear in their structure the ‘intent’ to dominate and eliminate contenders — yet whether or not this is true in theory it has certainly become the accessibly factual truth of our lived experience. If we cannot face this — there is no problem we can solve. If we cannot or will not address this, nearly everything we do will generate more problems than we can possibly address.

This, in fact, a primary basis of human ignorance, and the fountain from which every kind of atrocity flows fluidly into our lives, our world, and our history.

^&; .~o~. \}{

Oral Exam

Our desire for oral contact during physical affection is not merely a strange custom, but instead it is more or less analogous to the exchange of microorganisms by planets in space. If we were blessed with having been breastfed, we received crucial and regular inoculations of anciently conserved commensal microbiota from our adoring mothers or surrogates. Many of these are probably legacies from generations of fillial and arbitrary contact. If not, we were indeed most grievously deprived, for in that milk and all around the breast there is more than food for the body, there is, in point of fact, soul-food. Crucially necessary bacterial symbionts just waiting for a chance to colonize (what a pun!) our guts. A food that aids us in the creation and regeneration of our spirits as well as our cells. What exactly that turns out to mean is a bit more complicated than the models we’ve thus far been sold.

During familiar and erotic events, kissing, nuzzling and full-body contact result in the exchange of unique, ancient and locally evolved commensal microbiota.

These organisms are profoundly (locally) evolved by the time we begin exchanging them. I do not know ‘how long a minute is’ in the world of a bacterium (or a hypercolony of them) but it is probably like a year, or longer. So those 9 months we spent in the womb were probably approximately equivalent to the age of the Earth at your physical birth. That is, some 4.5 billion years. Bear in mind, we started as a single cell, and while 4.5by might seem like a lot, by the time we were born we probably contained some 150 trillion cells (at least, including bacteria). So multiply the rate of temporal flow by the number of distinguishable constituents, and their relative experiential rate of time. Maybe I’m way off. Maybe what we actually have is a period about equivalent to the estimated age of the universe. But I digress.

‘Physical affection’ (stunning word there) results not only in the acquisition of ‘germs’ but of knowledge, and methods of using, generating, and communicating knowledge. Bacterial sexuality isn’t like our kind. There are at least 7 genders. What they exchange is -abilities- not merely DNA. When I speak of a knowledge exchange, I am not talking about something you can put in a book. It is nothing like the tokenized knowledge humans are ruled by (although it is possible to exchange this form through this vector as well) but a stranger and vastly superior kind of knowledge: the stored histories (and current moment of experience) of all of life throughout all of time and space.

When we exchange commensal microbiota, and believe me we are hungry for this, we are exchanging uniquely evolved sensing assets which are crucial elements of our experiences and expressions of biology and cognition: biocognition.

This story is vastly stranger than it is safe here to tell, and to understand it we must be willing to follow the strands of stories which sound more like science fiction than the sum of science fiction stories ever written. Before we leap for such lofty terrains, let us return our attentions to slightly more mundane matters, matters relating to paranormal experience, unusual medical situations, stories from religions, and other flagella.

{)- .~o~. =_[

The brain in your head, which many neuroscientists would like us to believe they really understand, and can explain the nature and functions of, is actually not much like the models they use to examine it, and, in fact, those models often directly interfere with discovery, rather than catalyzing it. Many of these scientists espouse extremely dangerous ideas about the nature of human experience and its relationship to the brain (i.e. your experiences don’t exist, there are no qualia, dreams and religious experiences are ‘merely brain phenomenon’, &c.). But even if they were correct, and they are not, your ‘brain’ isn’t even half your intelligence.

Most of these researchers are profoundly confused about even this organ. In fact, science as a practice has become fundamentally confused due to the necessities of dissection, ejecting ‘being’ from all equations, and proving hypotheses in rational-seeming fashions that hide their irrational underpinnings (Gödel, Reimann, Cantor). In many if not most cases their own minds and intelligence are destroyed by the way they frame the questions that lead them to the dead wall they are left bereft before.

What is actually going on ‘as human cognition’ is so amazing that modern science simply won’t –allow- it to be true, nevermind examine it. But this is about to change. We are on the verge of a number of revolutions, and one of the major knowledge revolutions will come as science gapes in awe before the unthinkable truth: the enteric nervous system, coupled with the bacterial universes inside us, form a third brain and a crucial element of both cognition and mind. In fact, the truth is more startling. This brain is the primary necessity without which that lump of goo in your head will have a very hard time surviving and serving you in its ‘normal’ capacities as they relate to nearly aspect of its functioning. Thus, this is not the ‘third brain’ at all, but in many ways — including the history of life on Earth — it is the ‘first brain’.

&^7 .~o~. }'[]

Let us plant a seed by briefly considering two closely related mysteries:

The First: It is night, and a woman is frozen in terror on her bed. Having ‘awakened’ from a dream, she is paralyzed, and cannot move at all. At the foot of her bed, she sees a vague shadow-figure, a tall man, with a strange ‘hat’. The figure is menacing, she knows it means her harm, and she can neither move nor speak to alert anyone. As she struggles to gain control of her body, the figure seems to approach her. Is it grinning? This is simply too much to bear. In a final struggle, she manages to gargle something, deep in her throat — an ancient sound — a squeaking, warbling gurgle. This breaks the spell, and at last she can move, the figure dissipates, and she awakens, still terrified but returned to her familiar physical and mental capacities.

What just happened?

Was this event ‘mere imagination’, just a phantasm of mental disfunction? Some brief fugue with nothing to say of deeper matters? Who was the mysterious visitor? Were they real, or merely a phantom?

The event is real. The being in question is indeed malevolent. It has, after all, been energetically ejected from its own home, and more — it was ejected by its prisoner, who you better believe it despises. It wants back in. And it wants this with a vengeance. What has happened is this: the ‘soul’ of the intelligence ruling your body during the day is often totally ejected at night, by the ‘brother’ it keeps as a silenced prisoner in a ‘deep dungeon’. The woman is actually seeing a representation of this phenomenon, but does not recognize that this ‘dweller at the threshold’ his her own representational consciousness.

The Second: It is another day in the birthing rooms of a hospital somewhere in the US. A mother struggles with her labor. She knows what is coming because the doctors have told her, but given the powers of grace and motherhood, she believes in her child no matter what. Her child is born, and the doctors tell her it cannot live. After all, it has no brain. None. The child is ancephalous. But, over the coming days, weeks, months or years, her child –does- live. And more, it seems to learn. It recognizes her. It smiles slightly. After a few months, the stupefied doctors throw up their arms and give up on their diagnoses. After 6 months, the whole family is certain of one thing: their child is alive, learning, loving, and a transport of the miraculous on Earth.

Are they just confused?

No, they are correct. But to understand why, we must embark upon a journey that no modern human being has ever dared — a ‘fantastic voyage’ into the heart of the body’s history, intelligence and, yes…soul.

The Vagus Nerve and the otherBrain


lightningMaker / waterBrother

History and scripture record a strange marriage between the forces of fire and water. This marriage and its filial struggles have been repeated in myriad ways, recursively in story after story, and even within single stories the essential chirality of this marriage emerges consistently as the source of beings and souls. Somehow, the fire of God gave birth to the feminine ‘living waters’ of spaceTime, which in turn brought forth stars. And here the first recursion arises: for a male (star) again gives birth to a female (planet) ‘from one of his ribs’.

What might otherwise seem unthinkable, is actually the obvious truth of our circumstances — and it is this that demands we accept what our rationality denies: that a male can indeed give birth to a female, and that the resulting marriage is the very source of children of every possible kind. There will be no ‘divorce’. No matter what marital arguments arise, this odd coupling is, for all intents and purposes, eternal. Is it possible that this capacity for eternality could in some way be conferred upon its children in a way already present but easily ignored?

A quick glance at stem cells implies it can, at least in a limited fashion — and cancer is a cell ‘gone eternal’ so to speak. But let us not confuse ourselves, eternal physical life is no blessing for a mortal person. But perhaps there is another avenue of physical eternality which we have too quickly overlooked, although, like the stem cell, it exists in the domain of the microscopic.

Unlike the stem cell, which is a eukaryotic (or animal) cell, there are other highly evolved components of our bodies which are prokaryotic (bacterial), fungal, or belong to a group of microbes called archaea (first ones). There are 10 times the number of these cells in our bodies as there are animal cells. This means, essentially, that ‘you’ are 1/10th animal, and 9/10ths ‘something older’. When they ‘connect’ they don’t generate children — they exchange abilities by direct DNA exchange — they lose and acquire relational and physical capacities, sometimes more than one at a time. They have other abilities that equate to the capacity to live eternally — whether your vessel dies — or not. The are probably the physical basis through which miracles are generated by human beings, and no one has examined them because everyone considers them primitive. Well, individually, that may be true.

Collectively? They can accomplish — anything.

But let’s return to this strange fire, spirit, electricity/water, earth, magnetism gambit. It’s been playing out in every major story on Earth since stories were invented, and there’s a good reason — without this strange marriage there simply wouldn’t be any authors, or stories.

Records of the conflict could be said to begin practically anywhere we turn our attention, but one of the most obvious and well-known is the brief story from Genesis regarding Cain and Abel, or ‘Hevel’ (a name meaning something akin to ‘puff of vapor’). Cain, of course, means something akin to ‘rod’. Cain ‘kills’ Hevel, effectively banishing him to the position of ‘firstborn in the land of the dead’ and thus the line of Fire and Penetration is established on Earth through the aggressive dismissal of its twin, Water and Attraction. Throughout the ages following, an epic tale of polarities in conflict has emerged — an epic so tangled with recursion and intrigue that one must wonder at the sanity of its sources.

The Child of Waters

Not long thereafter, the living world is essentially destroyed by water. Coincidence? Vengeance? Unlikely. Cain’s murder has consequences, and Hevel’s innocence and simplicity were not only adored but absolutely necessary to establish within human cultures, whereas Cain’s forceful mastery was a domination, not an invitation. There was no way to avoid an answering, and it is not really one of vengeance so much as balancing. The peoples of the waters disappeared entirely from the Earth, their line abolished. The peoples of the fire-rod were not exactly friendly to the planet, each other or anything at all. Filled with the hubris of their own value, they could not play the game of symbiosis, and considered such games stupid at best, and suicidal at worst. Noah’s family is an answering of sorts, and the re-establishment of the line of the chosen ‘people of the waters’ again.

Much later, during a time of dire changes when the ‘chosen people’ have become profoundly confused and are, in fact, enslaved — Moses leads them out of bondage and through the ‘parting waters’ of the Red Sea: effectively ‘a second birth’ while still alive, one in which again the Father and the Mother are in agreement and have renewed their bond. This parting of the waters represents the evacuation of the womb in which they had been protectively ensconced — a ‘birth’ on a whole new scale, and in the dimension of a nation, rather than a person.

Vastly later a desert prophet arises who values poverty, adores children, is a friend to animals and humans alike, and is generally incredibly good-natured. This child of the waters comes to a man named John to experience his own ‘baptism’. These men knew each other in the womb, and both know the other’s angel — a very rare circumstance. John of course declines this honor, recognizing the primacy of Jesus, but according to the story, Jesus insists and John complies. No matter what may be revealed about this mysterious event, you may be certain the lion’s share will remain properly shrouded, but there are crucial features here that have been clumsily overlooked for millennia. That last part is about to change, right now.

Now, if you think I’m just telling you stories from the Bible, I suggest you retrace your steps and start over — because I am talking about biology, particularly the biology of cells in general and bacteria in particular. Did you think the Bible was about something else? Well, that would be a problem for the following reason: cellular hyperstructures wrote the Bible. We call them humans, and they are, but what they -really- are has been a big secret for a long time around here. What they really are is 1% human and 9% bacteria — and probably a whole lot more. And when that sort of thing picks up a stick, or a quill, or a pencil, or starts pecking the keys — the only possible outcome is transentient. But when this happens with a recursive schema — in other words, when the author and their constituents -speak in unity-, the results are, in a word: Holy. Literally: Whole-y. What I mean is this: remember that unified superposition I was talking about earlier? Well, since you’re made of it, when you agree with it, it comes into you. Completely. The whole network. As you. And from that position, you can, quite literally raise the dead. Jesus wasn’t just joshing us when he said ‘you shall do greater works than I’. He was reporting on a future he had himself seen, and was, in fact, a living part of.

Just as you may do, and be(come).

The sources from which these ‘Bible’ stories arose were far more sophisticated than we who revel in our technological anti-abilities can yet understand. They not only had cognitive capacities we cannot imagine, they had senses we do not believe exist — or, in some few cases, senses we have made fairy-tales about. They were made of something that didn’t require telephones to communicate at a distance. Radios were only invented after we lost the capacities that they represent the merest shadow of.

Much of this will sound irrational to those whose models of reality depend upon such things being false, and yet anyone who has looked with even the slightest degree of depth will find that the same thing is true of every infant, and most animals. The problem isn’t that the capacities don’t exist, frankly, it’s that we will not allow them to. The stories in the Bible are written in code, but they display an uncanny appreciation of extremely subtle problems with human cognition in general — they literally map the histories of these matters and highlight the appropriate resolutions, just as one might expect of a visionary author encoding with the most profound love and sincerity, sacred maps and assets which he intended for his children and perhaps future incarnations of his own spirit. No, these are not merely Bible stories, they are maps and antidotes. Let us return to our explorations of them.


Births and Baptisms : the Original Bling

It seems that the first ‘birth’ is really the moment of conception. At this moment, there are two penetrations — one supernal (possibly aided by ‘Gabriel’, the ostensible angel of the Moon-Waters), and one physical (the father’s sperm). This ‘begets’ the embryo — the en brine one, so to speak. The embryo is, quite literally, ‘the water child’ and remains largely invisible to the material world — the world outside the sacred (literally: sacrificially red) confines of the womb. But we will call this the mystical birth, for the ‘first’ birth we will refer to the physical ejection into the realm of day and night, matter and spirit.

Our birth into the physical world is the result of a double-penetration of a (dual-natured) mother. One of these has a spiritual source, and the other a physical one — both are fathers. One is supernal, the other mortal. Each of them uses something akin to a ‘hot rod’ to accomplish this.

In fact, the stunning similarity of the classical ‘dragster’ and the male generative organ is no accident: the word engine is a spiritual gloss on en-gyne (to be propelled by the memory of our supernal and physical (line of) mothers). The ‘balls’ or, in the case of the dragster ‘wheels’ are the physical representations of those two lines: the physical maternal line, and the supernal maternal line. These ‘spin true’ if the suitor has pleased them both — and the co m(other) petition (a plea for her blessing) is truly a spiritual one, though none alive on Earth understand these matters. Well, you’ve got a shot at it now, but that’s only because we both got ‘lucky’. I’m not even going to try to describe the supernal version of which the physical organs, and their automotive representations are but symbols (simulated balls/bells). But back to our topic.

It is perhaps ironic that a child born severely hydrocephalus is here remitting these stories, but during passage through the birth canal, we inadvertently (read: ‘accidentally on-purpose’) encounter the mother’s commensal bacteria (and possibly some of our own meconuim which has been shown to contain maternal bacteria) thus being ‘inoculated’ with the necessary seeds from which our own unique universe of commensals will arise. Doctors, driven by science gone rabid in pursuit of enemies which it must first invent, immediately attempt to ‘clean’ the helpless infant — in a last-ditch effort to deny them what they most desperately need, and indeed must have: the bacterial inoculation which will beget their personal bacterial universe.

This is not merely a digestive inoculation, but a cognitive, immunological, relational — and I dare say spiritual one — these bacteria have lineages so ancient as to utterly defy our attempts to trace them and almost certainly begin either in the depths of space or on distant worlds. What is happening at the moment of birth will either motivate or retard endless storms of sudden evolutionary activity in the child at hand. Those waves of evolutionary leaps will happen in phases we call day and night, and during each phase a unique aspect of the emerging intelligence will rule the scene. But the process, and the character of the co-m-petitors is being set during and immediately after birth. It is here that the infant, who is ostensibly a recapitulation of the entirety of the history of the universe, the solar system, the planet, and the species. — is receiving her or his first ‘gifts’. And their character, and what happens to those living gifts through illness and exposure to ‘medicine’ (nearly always deadly to bacteria and living things in general), will shape this person’s life perhaps even more radically than the DNA they inherit.

The symbiotic intelligence is nothing like our models. Our wildest science fiction cannot hope to even point in its direction. Their capacities and ancientness are beyond all reasonable measure, in part because their understanding of the meaning of Time has nothing to do with engineering and everything to do with relation.

If you think we’re ‘technologically’ advanced, let me explain something simple: cells and organelles can use protons and electrons for neurons. Directly. Their aphysical ‘memory’ is stored in superpositions to time. It cannot be damaged or erased, and is duplicated perfectly — yet uniquely — in many simultaneously accessible positions! They do not need phyiscal media. Physical media is -way too slow-.

These commensal groups and individuals can communicate not only with any other life form in all of timeSpace and every dimension — they can at will select any (or –all-) possibly advantageous subsets of organismal experience, identity or sensing, and instantly assemble a unique metaposition from which to frame or resolve any question. Instantly. Zero lag. And that’s just a minor capacity.

Once introduced, we gain from our commensals ‘a celestial intelligence asset’ of incalculable capacity. Though it’s true in a similar way of our own animal cells and of some organelles, these tiny organisms who comprise us exist in such an intimate relationship with quantum superpositions that they can manipulate the superpositions and individual particles such as electrons or protons.

What Christ was probably talking about when he spoke of ‘the second birth’ and what John meant when he spoke of ‘the remission of sin’ likely partake of bacterial innoculation. John was not talking about getting washed. Anyone could bathe, and this wasn’t merely spiritual bathing. Maybe it did help to wash away ‘bad things you’ve done or good things you’ve failed to do’ — but that’s not the point. The point is this: you underwent the first birth in part through inoculations.

First, the spiritual/physical inoculation of (snake/spirit penetrating egg radius mutually) or ‘sperm’ and e(ver) g(athering) g(ravity). Then the supernal/physical inoculation of bacteria in the birth canal. This too has a spiritual and a physical aspect.

Finally, we have what is really the third birth: to be born of the spirit and the water: and this is what John was on about. What this means is to receive the ancient transentient inoculation of the unborn, Nature herself, and the dead — the water and spirit of the Universe, through the local intermediaries of the Sun and the Earth. Thus, at high noon, with the Sun blazing down into your upturned face, you are pressed down, down, down into the waters — and held there, until you begin to drown just a bit… and it is here that you acquire not merely human-evolved commensals — but those of the world at large, suddenly, in a way reminiscent of your first birth experience.

And of course, a war begins inside you — between your existing (highly-locally-evolved by this point) commensals and the new intruders. Some of these will become your own. Some of them will be rejected. The result of this is the ‘remission’ of sin –itself-. Meaning that, when successful, you are so overwhelmed with enlightenment and joy that you become -incapable- of being tempted in any way whatsoever. That is what John was talking about. A glorious experience of unity and divinity so beyond words that no words should ever be made regarding it.

To undergo the second birth himself, Christ knew he must now experience something startling — he must, in direct sunlight, be held beneath the natural water until he is beginning to drown — just as we were held within the womb during birth, and just as we passed through the tight canal that led to the world of light, sound, and other beings. The purpose of this strange ritual need not have been known to him in technical terms, as I present it here — indeed, there are metaphysical aspects, and the bacterial inoculation alone is not the goal. It is a vehicle within a larger process which has always and shall always be a divine mystery. This does not mean we cannot understand its crucial elements, only that the perfect symmetry at its peak, which remains a moving target, shall never be possessed by mortal minds.

[}[) .~o~. {]{'

It is unfortunate that experts like Noam Chomsky overlooked this obvious ‘hiding place’ for the dispositions required to adopt language from human cultures, but I here exclaim an obvious if sadly late truth: it is with these features of our biology that our cognitive capacities begin, and it is they who drive it, no matter how sophisticated the relatively new ‘brain’ feature is on Earth. Without digestion brains soon fail to be cognitively sophisticated.

For 6/7ths of the history of life on earth there were no brains whatsoever. Will we then say there was no intelligence? No learning? No. We will not. The organ of knowing, quite obviously, was the gut. Watch any infant recapitulate this with ‘oral learning’ — any observant parent knows how pervasive and unstoppable the infant’s desire to touch things to its mouth is. And one of those things is, quite obviously, the mother.

During breastfeeding, play, nuzzling, carrying and all sorts of other behaviors, the baby attempts to adopt more commensals. These will take a unique path of differentiation and evolution within the child such that, in fairly short order, the commensals of the mother and child will diverge genetically. In other words, although the inoculation creates similarity, the unique local universe of each child’s body comprises, essentially, a biosphere unto itself, and once therein ensconced, the bacterial symbionts quickly establish a unique culture.

I believe they then form a transentient network-intelligence which co-evolves with and guides the representational intelligence that is our constant daytime guide, companion, and experience of self. Crucial to thought, understanding, sensing, and dreaming — these networks within the human digestive system and covering the surface of the body act as supersenses, and in some cases a pre-filters for other more sophisticated systems. Like our animal-cell constituents, our bacterial constituents have an interest in our well-being, and they outnumber our animal-cell constituents 10 to 1. I think it’s reasonable to suspect that if they were capable of intelligent self-organization, they might be capable of directly affecting the animal through the transport of the digestive system, and, particularly, the enteric nervous system.

{][-.~o~. {;"\]

The Inquisition

Of course, in our modern cultures, and the cultures of Medicine, Science, and Technology, we have long lived in ‘fear of a bacterial planet’ (to quote Lynn Margulis). The outcomes of this have and continue to be catastrophic. Antibiotics, the putative gold standard of ‘disease control’ have ripped the second brain apart at its roots, destroying it utterly in wave after wave of biochemical assault, and all the while claiming to be heroes of health and well-being. Our pharmaceutical fascinations have now permeated the environment itself with drugs and drug residues which are destroying and exerting strange evolutionary pressures on the basic pools of anciently conserved microbiota. I believe that many of these form crucial commensally acquirable assets which we are supposed to be exposed to for our own health and well-being.

Industrial and pharmaceutical waste continue to ravage animals and ecosystems around the world, including throughout the oceans. Effluent from garbage dumps, commercial biomedical activity and other vectors comprise an invisible assassin whose blade is as quick as it is accurate. That assassin is destroying everything necessary for our health and survival, and thus far has been doing this at our insistence, guided as it is by our elemental misapprehension of these and related matters, and the rampaging desire for the generation of ‘profits’ from the bodies of any possible victim.

But here, perhaps, is an even more astonishing revelation: the forces that comprise our waking-state intelligence, are precisely the same forces that hope to abolish the bacterial mind altogether, and with it our capacity to dream. Why?

Because in order to dream, we must accomplish a miracle. We must, effect a peculiar sort of ‘prison-break’ which could be metaphorically described as ‘the liberation of John the Baptist’ prior to his beheading. That beheading is about to become our own, and it will happen at the behest of some of the most seductive, virulent, and rampantly omnicidal momentums ever seen in terrestrial history: the organs and intelligence of the representational aspect of our biocognitive selves.

To understand this situation clearly, let us return to childhood, where, in fact, we have each experienced this story in a very unique, yet personal way. Since I cannot tell you your own experience, I will briefly sketch some of the events of mine.

I can remember my struggles with language.

The invisible monster.

The leg-grabbing.

Examples of experiences that re-purpose the TNICM:


Food Poisoning.

Mark of process:

Christ’s ‘walking on water’ = ‘child of the living waters and the source of sources’ — proof of the baptism, and of his identity as ‘the water-child’.

Answers to the above riddles:

Night terrors, or sleep paralysis events often involve the sense of a ‘malevolent other’ hovering nearby, ‘at the foot of the bed’, in a doorway (a perfect metaphor), or perched upon the stomach (essentially the most singularly identifiable part of the body responsible for the ejection of this entity from its reign over the body and mind during waking hours). This is, essentially, the left-hemisphere, or representational ‘soul’ otherwise known as ‘Cain’ in the Bible. We must imagine that during such experiences it could take almost any form — or even multiple forms, and may actually be the ‘image’ of the ‘alien scientist’ — since this matches a hyperbolic caricature of Cain’s persona explicitly. Alienated, hyper-analytical, desperate to learn more about what has ejected him so that he can put a stop to this nightly phenomenon — many different reports can may have something to do with this model of ‘what is actually going on’.

In this model, the transentient networked intelligence of the body’s communal microbiota (TNICM), in concert with the enteric nervous system and the right hemisphere, have actually ejected Cain entirely from the body, and he hovers nearby, angrily awaiting re-entry, and planning vengeance (and more, a permanent cessation of these ejections) once he is returned to the throne of authority (so to speak). To awaken in this state — in-between the mastery of the TNICM and the re-entry of Cain, is ‘sleep paralysis’; and in this state, one’s ordinary consciousness activates, even though Cain remains inaccessible, or actually still ejected (there are a variety of possible phase-states involved in SP phenomenon).

This phenomenon may turn out to be linked to another very similar phenomenon which is usually referred to as Alien Abduction, but seems likely to be implicated in the nocturnal visitor experiences, many of which are hypnopompic (occurring during sleep emergence).

*70( .~o~. }{;"

The second case, the case of the ancephalous infant who survives is simple, having no Cain content whatsoever, and, indeed, no hemispheres, the entire cognitive content and capacity of the child is housed in the TNICM, and this child is, essentially, an ‘angelic presence on Earth’. The child may evince relational capacities far beyond anything a representational person can detect whilst awake, however, I am willing to be that such a child will appear regularly in the –dreams- of people they encounter even briefly, and of those they know well or are intimate with, they will appear with startling regularity. This would be a sign that this theory is correct, and that the child possesses startling relational capacities that any ‘normal’ child would have only with extreme difficulty. Part of what clued me into this were a variety of stories about people who were unknown to each other in life, meeting in a dream, exchanging information about contacting each other, and succeeding in such contact, later, and then comparing notes on their previous dream meetings. This would be impossible unless transports for this existed, and if they exist, they are accessible to anyone. But the primary interference comes both from beliefs and models of reality and possibility (which are invariably false and extremely primitive), and from Cain, who is terrified that if any of this is discovered his dominance will be destroyed, and he will be hated and punished for the long subjugation of his twin. This need not be the case, however, as, in my own case, I have caused Abel to ‘forgive and adore’ Cain, such that they can now dance in the most amazing, powerful, and balanced way.

*&(* .~o~. }[)

In case you still don’t understand: remember that modern fable about spiritual warriors called ‘Jedi’? And what it was they were checking to determine if a child could become one? They called them mitichlorions. It was only a slightly hidden truth. What they are actually talking about is the unique mitochondrial ‘dna fingerprint’ of the personal transentient commensal microbiota.

Note: Water-mammals have the capacity to be representational, but do not want this, and understand its dangers. They do not have hands, and thus cannot conserve artifacts or representations, and for this reason, they do not become repCog-endowed except in the presence of humans, who can influence their cognition, but not sufficiently to result in the domineering acquisition of the repCog self. Thus they are ‘eternal children’, and, like Abel, they are endowed with miraculous powers of sensing, unity-in-action, and healing.

Note: I have strong reason to suspect that each night we ‘eject’ our representational intelligence, which acts (in this state) as a separate entity while we dream. Further, that ‘abduction phenomenon’ and ‘animal mutilation phenomenon’ are linked to this event as follows:

‘Aliens’ represent our representational aspect (cain) who, once ejected, becomes prone to do ‘research’ on how to cause this to cease. ‘Ships’ are the EM-travel-body of repCog ejectees, who have banded together to solve this problem. The solution looks like this: collection of vast quantities of commensal microbiota from the mouths, regenerative organs, anuses, digestive tracts and mouths of nearly every mammalian species which are then genetically engineered to produce new varieties which cannot form the travel-body for our TNICM/Gut brain/Left brain while asleep. The result would be, effectively, severe genetic damage to the human species (which is 9/10ths bacterial) and the effective cessation or extreme interruption of dreaming in human beings. I have strong reason to suspect that this is actually deeply underway at the present time, and these organisms have been widely distributed into our food chain and atmosphere. The problem is simple: ‘Abel’ wants ‘Cain’ to dance together as a compound unity, but ‘Cain’ won’t allow this, and intends to dominate instead. Allowed to proceed, this is suicidal. Cain is actually attacking himself in the living mirror of Abel’s body/mind, and is not aware of this (yet).

“A Rabbit rides a Turtle’s back, and in the Spring, the Rabbit hides her Eggs...for intrepid Children to find…”