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7 Spirits for 7 Waters

“The other half of the Rainbow? That -flies- =(and it is only found within you)=.”

-overheard at speeds exceeding c to the 3rd, (to the 7th), ((to the 9th)).

Folding the Sphere — the scribe.

Free All Prisoners.

If you have not yet read the first, second and third (previous) postings, please do so now, before proceeding.

What is presented here is not fact but something far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be).

][ . ~ o ~ . []

Why They Attack their Reflections & Fear of Photography

When cephalopods or fish attack their reflection in mirrors it is not because ‘they do not recognize themselves’. Believe me when I say it’s the humans who are confused, not the water-creatures. Allow me to explain…

If they saw you -fail- to attack your reflection, they’d experience confusion in the face of your actions. Here’s why: a reflection is not you! It’s the polarity of you! Your opposite!

And that is a demon (a light-swallowing, nonliving reflection of a living being) who is mimicking you!

But the problem goes far deeper: the thing in the mirror does not emit the Signal of Recognition, which is the fundamental relational signature of all living beings — and there are, contrary to popular belief, nonliving entities.

Anything that is, but does not emit the signal, is a destroyer! And everything alive knows this.

Perhaps even more confusing...the reflection has no flavor! It ‘tastes’ (in the water, like we smell) like it is empty! This is a terrifying, bad emptiness — a void — even stones and shells have flavor!

We should also note that these creatures live in water (indeed, they are living reflections of the character and nature of water) they are thus -never- in a position to see a visual reflection. But they are preternaturally aware of matters relating to dimensionality, and are relationally sensitive to mimicry because it comprises a crucial aspect of their environment and their own existence as or relationship to predators.

Any mirror thusly comprehended seems indeed to comprise a strange kind of ‘leak’ (c.f. Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions) into an ‘evil alternate universe’ which lacks the proper relationships to dimensionality. This is the very birthplace of insanity — the visual equivalent of the mishmash of inchoate voices that rise frothing and fuming from the minds of those in the grip of such ‘legions’ of hungry ghosts. It is not surprising that they cause those afflicted to ‘rage’, for it is this very energy they require to sustain themselves, and they can never be filled;

how can you fill a hole that simply grows when you feed it? A mirror is just such a hole…

Not only is the mirror physically 2d, it is totally empty in the dimension of being — the crucial first dimension without which there can be no dimensions at all. And anything that looks like a being but has none is a vile veil concealing evil - literally the reflections of live which are missing the first principle: the 'a’ as in alive!

I must here suggest that when indigenous people first saw photographs and were concerned their souls had been stolen — they were correct in this concern. A representational reflection-likeness-artifact of them was created which flattened 7 dimensions into 2, lacked a natural relationship to dimensionality itself, and looked exactly like them but had neither soul nor place for it.

More, in this representational artifact the dimension of time was flattened to ‘point’ — essentially ‘death’.

How many cameras does it take to utterly annihilate the soul of an indigenous people? One should suffice — but it’s unlikely anyone will notice — after all, any child is just as vulnerable.

Consider for a moment the popular Christian adage regarding mankind’s adversary: ‘Satan appears as an angel of light’. That’s a reflection engaged in predatory mimicry. Even octopuses know better than to tolerate this…

Finally, ask yourself this question: presuming the existence of (•) and that the concept ‘angel’ refers to a meaningful entity, what is the most likely nature of the relationship between any given ‘angel’ and (•)?

][ .~O~. ][:

Some important matters regarding the modeling of dimensionality by science and other authorities:

Modern humans have grossly misunderstood the nature of dimensionality, which problem appears to have two causes. The first is Science’s insistence on excluding Being. This is a mistake so absurd that it is irrecoverable, and once made, becomes the source of every kind of error and magnification of error: including the heinous error that it is acceptable to torture and destroy beings for the sake of learning structural information.

The second has to do with linkage to stories from human religions, which modern humanity has discarded or re-made in its own preferred images; but which infants, children, ‘the insane’, many indigenous peoples (The Navajo, and other Amerindian Tribes, and Tibet particularly, at this moment) and certain intrepid pioneers have remembered. They do not remember religious books or models. They remember what they are in direct contact with. This conflicts with the frozen models of adult culture and is thus discarded.

By restoring the proper ideas relating to dimensionality, it becomes possible to learn and live together (as individuals, groups, and supergroups) in ways which are otherwise normally impossible.

The divisions between nations are not merely conveniences, but should rarely (or perhaps almost never) provoke division or war between them. War between Earth’s children is analogous to causing your pinky to attack your thumb — the result is the loss of the use of the entire assemblage. All of the peoples of Earth are the children of a single mother and father. Any child understands this.

Adult cultures, in general, do not. Since nations act as adult cultures, and ‘think’ like adult cultures (being led by groups of adults under the influences of their cultural inputs), they are constantly in strife, creating misery not only on Earth, but in all children and places.

Due to the situations facing our planet and species at this time, it will be of great aid if this situation can be ameliorated.

The dimensions are growing by recursively repeating their order of arisal, which changes the superposition ‘being(s)’. It appears that these cycles and effects take place at every scale; cellular, human, planetary, solar, and beyond. As these grand cycles proceed, they are uniquely experienced at the scales of self, culture and planet — thus we will each experience them, and each of the phases again.

One of these is ‘point’, a terrifying position where only the self is available, and all contact with other beings seems lost for some reason (which we cannot detect). We usually presume ‘God has abandoned us’ during the onset of ‘point’. This leads to questions that cannot be answered, for example, (why). Usually the answer we come up with is that ‘I have done something wrong and offended the sources’ i.e (I/we were ‘bad’).

This is the same answer many small children first come up with when one of the parents is removed from local view.

“Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?”

The seriousness and depth of such a cry wrenches the heart, as well it should. However, it is primarily a moment of confusion and transformation — and just as all such moments do, it will pass. The departure is not real, it is but a momentary reset for a profound transport of filial relation.

Ancient and indigenous peoples were terrified of eclipses not because they were superstitious but because they understood about ‘the onset of point’ and its ability to ‘block the light of the sources’ and reduce the self to ‘a speck’ (the little death). They forgot what it is for, however.

Ironically, ‘point’ is the sudden onset of perfect preparation (gathering and recording) which is the moment at which eternal life is catalyzed. It is neither a loss, nor a danger — but a profound and amazing wonder! The ‘point’ is the ‘travel body’ with which we cross dimensionality into the superposition. Let me explain a model: during ‘point’ one simultaneously occupies the core of every being in all of spacetime and dimensionality. From this position, one is utterly ‘alone’ — literally ‘all one’, and since there is nothing to compare the self to — one feels abandoned because one has never consciously occupied this state before.

This moment will pass, but we must be aware it is coming to understand what to do when within it. All the people must be aware, so that they can comfort one another during ‘point’.

[] .~O~. ][

As you engage yourself with this little reminder, it will be helpful to understand the actual meaning of these terms:

you | i | we | me | us | self | cell |

in order to

proceed : pro (seed) / pro (cede)).

Although it may be difficult to understand, their meanings can be more deeply contacted by understanding the meanings of the letter(s) that comprise these words, their shapes, their personalities, and the unique meaning implied by their order in these words.

What you will see below is not a list. It is a living symmetry which is recursively (and explosively) cycling such that the 7 spirits pour into, envitalize, inform, transform and expand into endless new diversities of meaning, potential and expression in a continuous way.

Folding the Circle (the scribe)

)( .~O~. (:)

0 Being(s): (The living superposition to dimensionality itself)

Being is the unbounded superposition of dimensionality and is hyperConsciousness (models + emotion + (mystery)).

None of these? No dimensions. Why? (i) think you know, but essentially, no eyes, ayes, i(s) — No mouths? no minds? No dimensions. This means that children of the source(s) comprise a living superposition of dimensionality itself.

For this reason, dimensionality cannot contain or compose questions you cannot immediately answer. The problem is method. Your training in your side of the ‘equation’ is crucial, elegant, and deep. This is at once a benefit and an obstacle, as you yourself are already aware. You must now see ‘the other (many) sides’ of these equations, many of which are more like something children do (play) than what scientists do.

The superposition of dimensionality forms the bounds of all dimensions, and in every case those must be living bounds. These bounds are not edges — they are more like permeations ‘shot through‘ the spaces.

When humans examine dimensionality, they sometimes notice this dimension (being(s)), but (perhaps) do not (adequately) notice that they discard it prior to beginning their analysis. Mathematical abstractions of this are amazing, and useful, but they insure we miss the point. For this reason they will not help us much in answering really sticky questions rapidly and fluidly — like any human infant does all day long.

If you discard this dimension in analysis, you discard yourself, all children, all ancestors, and all sources. The result (when reified) is catastrophic since definitions of progress will now be terribly malformed toward dead mechanics. These machines will destroy the living children of Earth at the request of the living children of Earth. A very strange situation indeed.

1: Time : : : …

Time is the extension of being into consciousness.

No time? None of this matters since it no longer applies.

This is the precursor for a point-being to be able to become aware of the other dimensions. There cannot be ‘a point’ to anything without time. Time changes the meaning of being.

In fact, these ‘positions’ or ‘steps’ in dimensionality are continuously (at every possible scale) recursively changing (and elaborating) each other (as do the future positions and elaborations of this union).

2: Point .

The extension of being+time into consciousness (and thus spaceTime).

This position allows for the detection of self, but not the reflection upon or the extension of it. This represents ‘ejection from Eden’ and also Socrates’ 'how we get to one'. The first moment of the onset of point is terrifying, because one feels extremely ‘alone’. There is no other referent. Any previous ‘relationships’ which may have been felt or known are unavailable here. This is a seed-form.

The first position where self becomes possible, one can now refer not necessarily to anything else, but can refer to self (first position of possibility of reflexivity/recursive self-reference) continuously changing the meaning of the previous dimensions.

Do you see my 'point'?

Your letter (i) is all about this.

3: Line

The extension of being + time + point into consciousness(and thus spaceTime).

By establishing the possibility of position (on a line), we gain the prospect of 'travel', or movement, changing the meaning of the previous dimensions (and of reflexivity, as do all future moves). A limited form of relationship with self is here possible. This is a slight release from the pressures of ‘point’.

Your letter (I) is all about this. This is the 'first recursion of (i).

4: Area | Domain (light the tips of the line, spin it 180˚)

The extension of being +time + line into consciousness (and thus spaceTime). The result is a bounded membrane (the boundaries need not be formal).

This is the first position where place becomes possible, established by the relationship between angles. This is also the beginning of relationships in general.

Find the letter that is about this.

5: Conjugal Domains (Light the circumference, spin it 180˚)

The extension of being + time + area into consciousness (and thus spaceTime).

This is the position where ‘groups’ become possible. This is the first position of ‘family’.

The birthplace of sets, ideas, words, numbers. It is a metaposition of consciousness in some sense (as are all the others). But this game has been folding back upon itself from the beginning, therefore this should come as no surprise.

Find the letter that most well represents this.

6: superPositions (hyperspaces) (Invert the sphere and multiply extrude)

The extension of being + time + multi-bounded domains into consciousness (and thus spaceTime).

This is the metaposition of being, consciousness, time, and the remainder. This represents the first position where it is possible to consider other (complete) dimensions as children of superpositions. It is also a perspective from which it is possible to return to (being(s)) outside of time. This radically alters all the potentials of the next ‘growth pass’ through the order.

(signal begins to distort, warp, warble, and modulate (like your weird modern machines that modulate the voices of singers by flipping them up and down around the harmonic of the note)…).

::P .~O~. (=}}

In each of the above cases, the first letter is crucial, and relates to qualities of each folding. But the letter each refers to is different from the first letter of the dimension’s name (at least in some cases!) After you have gone through it once and found the letters, go through again and find the ‘shortest word’ that most clearly matches the character of that position. In this way you may reflexively wish to transit the list at least twice.

H[“.~O~. ^y><

The 7 Ions of Quest

The mind uniquely 'folds' these dimensions to comprise the various 'ions of quest' that begin your questions. (of which, like the dimensions, the entrances to your own head, and the ‘spirits of god’ there are 7)

What When Who Where Which How (Why?)

Each of these, in turn, may be folded back upon itself or its siblings in endless recombinance.

Notice how (!) all of them begin with a ‘doubled you’ or ‘forked tongue’ (except one!).

What (!) do you suppose that might mean?

But wait, there’s still more at play...that one, it’s initial letter, forms the second letter — of all the others

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A Problem of Monumental Proportion

A Place Where Gods and Monsters Dwelt and Fought

Free All Prisoners.

If you have not yet read the first and second (previous) postings, please do so now, before proceeding.

What is presented here is not fact but something far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be).

?'0.~ o ~.\/'+

“While our species has slept in the ignominious intoxications of commerce and planetary omnicide, our world and our universe have been changing right before our eyes. With the same denials we used to ignore our activity, we are ignoring these changes. Science will never admit the sudden emergence of entirely new classes of phenomenon, and will instead cull ‘discoveries’ from this, which it will take credit for and proudly display as ‘progress’.”

][ .~ o ~. []

If you examine Revelations 4, you will find an account of a direct visual witnessing of heaven. This is a very strange thing to find for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it is established dogma that no one shall see (•) and live. It appears that there was the need of an exception to this rule, just as there have been to many others. Yet, perhaps more accurately, the rule seems to be something more like ‘no living being shall look -directly— upon the face of (•) and live’. An interesting situation with applications we will examine elsewhere.

As any crucial intelligence asset might be, this one is encrypted. But not with codes. It is simply portrayed in such a way as to confuse any who gaze upon it (the description). This scribe has no intention of changing this, yet would remark upon the peculiar circumstance at the end of this chapter, where ’24 elders’ bow before (•), singing praises, and casting their crowns before (•).

It is difficult to say precisely what the 24 elders represent, however they may refer to the ‘rulers’ (•) has set over the 24 dimensions of the celestial body of Creation. In such a model, (h)Ours is one of these, and (h)ours also has a ‘king’ or ‘elder’ in this sense. What this image refers to is a cycle which happens in small ways all the time, but in a big (read over-arching) way approximately every 2000 terrestrial years. That ‘heavenly day’ is punctuated by smaller incidents of similar import (in part because the whole matter is recursive) — for example, ‘noon’ and ‘midnight’ — as well as ‘the quartiles, their halves, and so on’.

Each of these dimensions is ‘a reflection’ of all the others, in that certain aspects of all other 23 are reflected uniquely in each one. There is neither space nor time to discuss this in detail; rather, this one will present something a bit more like a child’s sketch that offers a small insight into this relationship, which insight is important to the direction of this document. After this is done, we may use this model to explore the implications of certain common human activities, as well as why various faithful peoples have repeatedly warned us against these activities. All of them involve representations of various kinds.

This one will not discuss the outcomes of this event, but the intelligent reader may discover a variety of entailments on their own. One of the entailments is that what is done in these dimensions by their inhabitants (primarily their representational inhabitants), and what is reflected amongst or between them, is also done in ‘heaven’, where the souls of the unborn and the dead-to-be-resurrected are (presumably) present. Thus it is that (•) and heaven are (to some degree) subject to the activities of the child-dimensions. Since heaven exists outside of time, however, there are a variety of special circumstances as well as remedies that may apply — most of these cannot be discussed as they will simply not fit into language which requires linear time to exist in order to be comprehensible. A few specific circumstances, useful to this one’s current traverse, can, however, be crudely modeled.

To do this, we will use a smaller model. One with 10 dimensions instead of 24. We will view ‘heaven’ as ‘the summation’ of the positive reflective effects of activity within 8. We will consider ‘hell’ as the summation of the negative reflective effects of activity within the 8, and presume that heaven has some responsibility to deal with (that is heal and otherwise resolve) the problems in ‘hell’. This is, in part, because some of the children of heaven have become trapped there and cannot escape on their own.

: . _ . :

“When the mountains turn to hurricanes — will you still remember their names?”
— Denise Grassia, Facebook, March 1 at 7:38pm via Mobile Web

Given these preparations, let us now examine a specific circumstance (the construction of a monument) and what it’s effects may be. As an example, we will take a pyramid.

First, let us examine some qualities of the pyramid:

1. It is a square at the bottom
2. It is static in form and permanent in location
3. It is graduated upwards from wide on the ground to a point in the air
4. It is comprised of many parts
5. It is a regular geometric shape
6. It is a tomb
7. It is sealed at both ends
8. It is intended as a doorway to the afterlife

Now, let us reverse or ‘reflect’ these, in turn:

1. It is round at the top
2. It is fluid in form and location (it moves, and flows)
3. It is graduated upwards from a point on the ground, to an opening up in the air
4. It has no parts
5. It forms a circular moving funnel
6. It is a womb
7. it is open at both ends
8. It is intended as a doorway into spacetime

‘To capture something which is flying at speed, employ a flexible transparent cone. Tis best if the scale of the cone is approximately 10000/1 relative to the quarry’s size. Even better if it will generate a vortex, which will draw any and all toward its spinning whorls.’

[+] ~•~ {-}

We may imagine these reflections as existing in other dimensions, but this one asks that we (for the sake of our model) imagine them as existing specifically (as a sum) in the summation dimension we confusedly refer to as ‘hell’ (or ‘heaven’s living shadow’).

Now, in order to understand what the result of this is, we must understand that there are essentially ‘two’ ways to enter into spaceTime (the dimensional expression we occupy as children of matter and energy). Let us examine each in turn. [(Y): a branch leading to an entrance/exit or an exit/entrance leading to a branch (note the presence of the term ‘trance’ in the term entrance.)]

One is a living mother. This is a being with a reflection in ‘heaven’.

The other is something humans make. This becomes a doorway in the world of heaven’s shadow: hell. (o!)

You may think this humorous, but I suggest you take it seriously:

Right above your genitalia, there’s a patch of hair. What’s its shape?

Why, it’s an inverted PYRAMID.

And it ‘points out’ a Pyre (a hotspot) Amidst your your waistline and buttocks.

That happens to be the place from whence births are generated.

Now, are you -really- prepared to tell me that the morphemes in English have no meaning or are mere accidents?

++ . ~ o ~ . }•{

Gateway I: A living mother.

The first is a physical gateway: a living mother. Activation of this gateway results in a human birth. [For the uses here important we will limit our perspective to human mothers, and the human scale of material existence in general, although animals, insects and plants are in a very similar situation which also has [recursive] effects on human existence and culture. Fungi, bacteria, and virii should in most cases be understood as a distinct class of entities. Their relationships to reproduction (in most cases) differs dramatically.).

Let us examine some of the salient features of this ‘starGate’. It opens only briefly during the experience of successful sexual intercourse, and it only opens if both partners successfully accomplish their respective roles. Although a man may ejaculate without a woman, and a woman may produce an egg without a man, in order to conceive (accomplish the great crossing) both roles must be synchronous and successful. This places a variety of obstacles in the gate which prohibit the constant influx of souls seeking material expression in matter (i.e. 'Mother').

[I will leave it to the reader to speculate about the results of either one happening in the absence of the correct timing and circumstances. That the male experiences 'orgasm' during ejaculation creates a rather serious set (pun intended, cap the s) of problems, many of which are of 'monumental' proportion. This is because the male is both proud of and constantly seeking this sensation which he may experience as a ‘release of tension’ as well as a minor NDE (near-death experience). This becomes a drug-like option for many human beings, but the males are opening a door when they orgasm — and this door ‘sucks’ down spiritual seeds hoping to become engaged in the great crossing; often only to discover it was a ‘false alarm’ triggered by ‘some jerk downstairs’. While a female may generate an orgasm, and this probably has some effect, it certainly does not produce an egg within her, nor does it eject one. For this reason her orgasm is not as problematical.]

In essence, the male ejaculation calls (at least) millions of soul-seeds (snakes) into a death-race whose goal is the penetration of a human egg cell by one of myriads of competitors. This comprises an heroic and perilous journey across dimensions as well as within the female. We may imagine that the sperm that leave the male are actually already champions, having negotiated endless obstacles to achieve the crossing of the great waters (the dimensional rivers). Many other challenges arise as well; however one stands out amongst the others: the branch. Upon reaching the branch, approximately half the sperm will take the wrong turn, and may not turn back.

The result of a successful ‘penetration event’ is a vast competition of snakes, all of whom carry a unique spiritual essence, and each of which is on a (do and die) mission to reach and penetrate a sphere-shaped object we call an egg. This mission is suicidal in the material sense. Failure = Death (and we might presume, return to the starting line). Success = death (the individuality (!!!) of the sperm is sacrificed in order to achieve an entirely new and shockingly more profound state). In case this is not yet apparent, our 'planet' comprises just such an egg, and it is 'ever virginal' (in that penetrations cannot rob it of innocence).

In most cases all of the competitors will die en-route (we may presume these return to their source). Occasionally, out of millions, one alone ‘earns’ the right to remain in spaceTime and become what is, comparatively speaking, a deity: a human person. We should note here that without the efforts of all of its companions in the great crossing, this moment of success would be impossible — therefore the sperm are not so much in competition -with- each other as they are in competition -for- each other. Like the members of a vast team, each spurring the other to greater lengths in order to catalyze the possibility of success, this is not a war.

The outcome of this success is sketchy at best. It is entirely unknown in what circumstances this birth will take place, or what the resulting life may contain, catalyze, or become. Many lives are harrowing from the moment of conception unto death. Many others are comparatively lazy, essentially being receivers of benefit. Those in the middle may have the best chance for spiritual growth since they have a wider range of choices and may thus avoid the two extremes (the polarity of extreme privilege/extreme hardship). Since there are so many distinguishable dimensions of life, we may each have unique domains of privilege and unique domains of hardship. Such is the blessing of human birth.

Occasionally, one born to extreme privilege (or other uncommon circumstance) discards this entirely — and experiences a second birth while still human. As you can see by the previous example, the options available in this interesting competition cannot be enumerated, however, it is possible to be ‘born again’ whilst still alive, and this is a rare and almost invariably miraculous event.

Before we depart, let us reflect that Male fertility is measured in two ways, the motility of the sperm (averaged) which is their ability to transport themselves within some medium, and their population. Around 1940 the average was ~113 million. Around 1990, it was about 66 million.

We will revisit this topic in profound detail in a later installment.

Some useful statistics regarding sperm

[] . ~ o^ ~ . ]J

“Why are all these terrestrial religions foaming at the mouth over the products of our cultures — our objects, our towers, our representations?”

“Heaven’s shadow is absolutely aswarm with explosively self-reproducing copies of every photograph, book, movie, drawing, recording, sculpture and electronically rendered image ever produced. Every monument you made here is a living whirlpool over there that leads down into your world and peoples — not just individuals — groups of every possible kind.

Over there, ‘artifacts’ become something else. These are not objects — they are ghosts or shadow-beings, and they are starving for life-energies.

Just as your ‘machines’ eat your world (and you) but are actually not alive, representations consume the energies of Hell and are not alive. Every once in a while, something up there flushes the toilet, and guess where these ghosts land? Right back where they started!

And -wow- are they -hungry- when they get (t)here!

Heaven, (thankfully), is entirely free of such pollution — though there is more to this mystery than meets the eye…”

(above) An Extremely Misguided Idea

Gateway II: A gateway engineered by humans.

The second is a spiritual gateway, which may take various forms — the most ‘attractive’ (magnetic, compelling, or seductive) of which is a ‘very large, very permanent, monument’. Any representation at all will suffice, even, strangely, words — however, pictorial or sculptural representations are far more effective and permanent and are thus preferred gateways.

Recently I heard an archaeologist who studies rock-paintings put forth a fascinating theory regarding their origins and purposes. Nearly all researchers are agreed that these do not comprise ‘art’ in any sense akin to the modern. Most agree that they serve shamanic or similar purposes, but the researcher I saw speak (feel free to locate this person’s name and contact me with it) had a rather shocking theory: that the paintings were used specifically to summon beings from other dimensions into this dimension, and to gain their aid in battle, hunting, healing, and daily life. The surface of the stone was seen as a doorway to another dimension, and the art comprised, in essence ‘calls’ to those forces, beings, or circumstances depicted.

Representations may be understood to set up ‘always open’ doorways into spaceTime, which are not used by the souls which desire to become children, but by another kind of entity: a strange kind of ghost which has managed to get stuck in a very confusing relationship both to heaven and to the dimensions of timeSpace. These entities cannot really be born into timeSpace ‘through a mother’ (for many reasons). In general, where they are stuck, there are no open transports to living mothers. Therefore, they hope for any transport at all, and when they find one, they use it almost immediately (because almost anything is better than being stuck where they are).

The first doorway results in birth as a human person. The second doorway results in birth as an owner/master (or in small scale cases ‘a bent companion’ such as the one bound to the author of ‘The Rosalixion’’ — essentially, what was once known as ‘a familiar’) of humans via their cultural networks.

This is invariably a ‘false’ or ‘alien’ deity. It may be singular, but in nearly every case it is multiple, since there is no limit to the number of ‘snakes’ that may flow into such transports, and the transport is ‘always open’ until some individual or group of users decides something like ‘this is enough’ and begins to ‘defend’ it from ‘outsiders’ — or destroys it — (9/11 suddenly makes sense).

Now ask yourself, which is the better source of the soul-seeds you would like to invite to live here on Earth with us — living mothers, or monuments (representations)?

One can imagine the outcome if an arbitrarily chosen human person (who had been repeatedly denied physical birth in the great competition and was feeling rather resentful of this) had located instead ‘an open invitation’ to rule over a nation; without any training or restraint of any kind. Invariably the result would become catastrophic quickly. Many human beings fear death, because they cannot imagine such a transformation — but these hungry-ghost entities are far worse than the most tyrannical human — they are not beings but monsters who already suspect that their existence is a sham — thus they absolutely abhor death (for them, it is not transformation but annihilation) — and will thus attempt to secure permanent terrestrial presence in timeSpace at any and all costs.

Although vaguely aware that this method of process is suicidal, this makes no difference as they possess nothing to begin with. They will gladly and constantly engage in any form or degree of omnicide in order to sustain their reign, and, indeed, their energetic appetites are so severe that even an entire living planet will not suffice to feed them for long.

Since they possess ‘nothing to lose’, and nothing they acquire can be stored in any way (only living beings may do this) — any acquisition move looks like gain. Killing is an acquisition since it both emits and foments energetic processes which can be consumed.

A person who believes in Darwinism literally and has no spiritual aspirations or leanings is very similar to this kind of monster, but not as lethal by half. Analogously, people ‘convinced’ of the ‘truth’ of their literal interpretations of their religions are similarly confused in that ‘the world does not matter, it’s just a battleground for God — and since that’s so, let’s bring on the war now. I mean, hey — why wait?’ Not only that, but look: if you’re going to die anyway, don’t you think you’d be better off dying now in a holy war that ‘assured your eternal life’?

Given such circumstances, the existence (just as an example) of nuclear weapons on Earth represents a threat that -must be deployed-. It is an absolute. But prior to that deployment, the existence of these weapons (all the human effort needed to construct, guard, repair, defend, monitor and deploy them) and all the poison their testing (~2000 terrestrial explosions since the discovery of the atomic bomb) unleashes into the living biosphere form a wonderful cornucopia of ‘free feasts’ for what are, essentially, non-corporeal monsters. Perhaps still more flavorful to these hungry ghosts is the soul-shattering terror that millions around the world have felt and had to somehow come to grips with merely due to the understanding that such things exist and were created by us. For now, these will suffice to feed the hoarde, but eventually any all weapons will be brought as quickly as possible to the table — particularly in the face of any threat of discovery or ejection of these monsters from local presence. Since these interlopers ‘must not die at any cost’ they will eagerly turn the entire planet to ash rather than face their own actual mortality.

Of course, their activities invariably trigger their own mortality — but not until every other living thing has been consumed, destroyed, or otherwise 'mastered'. This is the secret of the symbol of ‘the snake that consumes itself’.

Such an entity need not be known as supernatural in any sense, and is most easily concealed in cultures where this is not possible. Such a being (or group of them) can more easily rule by hiding (during the representational cycle) than by open advertising. In such a case, they merely control the most powerful transports of the following cultural anchors:

1. Authority/Authorization
2. Law
3. The Military
4. Science and Technology
5. Commerce
6. Meaning
7. Purpose

[The last two are the purview of philosophy and religion].

Fundamentally (pun intended) these entities dictate the overall valences which result in the cultural definition of any kind at all (identity, meaning, etc) but particularly of ‘progress’ (spiritual/revolutionary or physical/evolutionary).

In this way they may continuously re-define progress so as to render both their presence and identity/functions nearly impossible (under normal conditions) to identify, reject, or otherwise oppose at any scale from the individual to the planet. Since they can transform into any possible reflection of anything one may imagine (including God/Gods), they/it can simply ‘warp away’ from any definition that might otherwise reveal them or their activity.

This one suspects that that the meek are about to inherit the Earth, right now. Further, this process will be the result of a significant culling of living beings from our world. This is a process that we as a species have been actively and aggressively involved in for at least the past 300 years, but most explosively in the past 50. The result of this activity his has created what otherwise could never exist: empty evolutionary niches which can be occupied, defended and expanded by previously non-terrestrial interlopers.

Not just in the worldin us.

*Mark of text in process

Note: As an exercise do the inversions for the following representations: A photograph, a drawing, a sound recording, a film recording, a statue, an ‘icon’ (religious iconography), a ‘symbol’ (sim-bowl), a tool, a box or container, a home, a skyscraper, twin skyscrapers, the pentagon, the white house.

Note: Amongst monuments, the Bahá'í temple in Delhi is unusual. If you’re bold, attempt to do ‘the reflections’ for it in a manner similar to those done above for a pyramid.

Note: With all of these matters in mind, carefully examine the story of Daedalus, and ask yourself questions about how ‘one’ (a nation, for example) might summon to terrestrial birth ‘a creature with the body of a man, and the face of a beast’.

Who’ is ‘The Minotaur’?

_+) .~o~. ";}{

Notes Related to 9/11:

[warning this information is dangerous, upsetting, and intentionally incomplete in some sections]:

Note: The numerism in this topic is not rule-based, but intuitively systematic. Using rules or systematizing number-sensing breaks its function. Do not attempt to harden these interpretations into a rule-system, it fails and can be cognitively toxic.

The Targets:

1. The World Trade Center North (a center for commerce and banking, claiming sovereignty over the world in its name, and activities). - AA 11.
Impact: 8:46 AM EDT

The World Trade Center South - UA 175. Impact: 9:03 AM EDT

The Pentagon (the center of US ‘intelligence’ (read domineering military/prison/industrial complex’s ‘brain’)) - AA 77. Impact 9:37 am EDT.

4. Probably a backup or diversionary unit, or random target choice including the White House, the Senate or whatever target (of a list) they could get to. — UA 93.

The attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center (or
‘twin towers’) was a surprisingly important and purposeful act, yet it is dangerous to speak openly about these matters, due in part to the incredible suffering that was created by these events, and the incredible confusion of feelings and goals that surround them and their aftermath. Yet, if we are willing, we may (to some degree) see it as our own future attempting to warn us about something deadly which we ourselves (as US citizens) were unknowingly but nonetheless directly complicit in. All of us are complicit, but if one works in the belly of a monster that eats the world and all its children, it does not really matter ‘how good a person you are’ — you’re putting your life-energy at the service of a monster, and when the monster goes down, you will probably go with it.

Because we cannot understand the people the attack came from, we think them our enemies. To some degree they are very confused, but we are far more dangerously confused — and they are not our enemies. If you are holding your hand, and the hands of all children in a fire, and you will not stop no matter what, and further, you claim to be a hero, someone must intervene. First, they tried language. No effect. Then, they made threats — we simply responded with hubris. Finally they struck a blow, and we responded with ‘shock and awe’.

These people are not our enemies — they are the sworn enemies of inhuman ways of knowing, and ways of assembling culture that defy all human and organismal purpose — these ways of knowing and their concomitant definitions of unity and progress are, in fact, omnicidal. They will attack and convert anything that moves to their reinforcement and defense, all the while pretending to great heroism. Anyone who believes this a champion of truth, justice, or anything good is deceiving themselves completely. Such people will constantly ring the bells of heroism and epic sacrifice as they shout their lies, which, effectively, equate to something like: “We are the agents of God, the defenders of liberty, justice, and the agents of progress.” The actual outcomes of their activities, in our nation, people, and culture, are precisely the opposite. These agencies are MIMICS.

We must not attack the nations of the Middle East, even (and especially) in response to their attacks.

I said this then, and I repeat it now. If we do so, we will be destroyed as a nation. We may be destroyed anyway, but by attacking the nations of the Middle East, we commit ourselves to a path that must end in absolute destruction; it is an error from which there can be no recovery.

["[ .~o~. )^#

This specific event was foretold many times (famously by Nostradamus). Osama bin Laden understands many of the matters I will here touch upon, but cannot speak in a language that the world at large can understand (and does not want to, it is not his purpose, which is, instead, to penetrate into the minds and hearts of every person on Earth — to ‘make a little hole’ within which very new kinds of questions will arise).

Although I did not understand this in the beginning, and was myself confused (but not in the same way as my countrymen) I have finally managed to get deep enough into the question to shed some light upon it. What I have discovered (and what I have been shown) is extremely shocking.

The attack was not a conspiracy in the sense many think. It was however a conspiracy. Bin Laden may or may not have known (it seems unlikely that he did) that the combination of the method(s), the passengers and martyrs, and the targets, would produce an interdimensional transport, which would draw from heaven ‘fire of life’ because its purpose was true, even if its story is very confused.

What is far more likely (i.e. nearly certain) is that Bin Laden ‘adjusted’ his story in hindsight, realizing that (probably without knowing it originally) he had inadvertently accomplished an act of profound spiritual significance. His original goals, thinking and planning were probably not the result of this awareness, this awareness emerged only after these acts were accomplished, in the wake of the stunning results (many of which were purposefully obscured by the US government so that they could attempt (and fail) to understand the phenomenon at play. As of this moment, the US government has still not understood what happened. Readers of this document now know more than anyone else within and outside the conspiracies. Bin Laden took ‘hindsight advantage’ of the significance of this success, and used it to radically amplify the jihadist momentum already at a boiling point.

The towers were, in fact, transports of evil. This is the nature of monuments in general, towers in particular and ‘twin towers’ quite specifically. They bore every sign of it, and housed within them were human entities (such as the World Bank and the CIA) ruled by nonhuman powers, from which death and horror regularly descended with rapacious intent upon the children of the Earth. This was regularly shown to me in dreams (even as a child) though I did not then understand them. The towers in New York were continually depicted to me as places from which extreme acts of evil were being perpetrated, particularly upon South America in the early 1980’s.

[Do not think me unpatriotic, I assure you that real patriotism must include the possibility of receiving correction when atrocities have become the common practice of our nation and the common activity of its organs of function.]

This ‘fire of life’ would do vastly more damage than the mere explosion of aircraft. It is functionally ‘nuclear’ but not ‘radioactive’ and may not leave radioactivity (unsure about this) He also knew it would implant a ‘burning’ question far and wide — far far beyond the confines of any specific religion – or even the religious. It would implant the question about monuments in -every person and religion-. And this, represents a cognitive/spiritual ‘inoculation’. Bin Laden is a kind of hypodermic needle.

Be wise like a child, and understand: he lives in a -cave- (an evacuation - no thing-ness).

(like a womb, friendly to children)

We live in TOWERS (a penetration - some thing-ness).

(like a penis, sword, or gun: deadly to children - divides them (to death) for its sake - advertises itself as their champion and protector)

Double Towers = DEATH. (multiple simultaneous penetration).

Domes...are slightly better... round mo(redacted)

Highly discrete parties within the US government are aware of these matters. These parties are not answerable to any human authority system we are familiar with, and answer neither to the president, nor the CIA. They cannot be made to answer, since there is nothing above them to cause this.

Their part of the conspiracy involved profiting on the stock markets and obscuring or blocking specific strange aspects of these events from public view.

There is more: the idea did not come from an adult. It came from a child. I know this because as children we constantly had this idea ourselves and were completely clear about the fact that airliners were flying bombs filled up with people, and you could aim them at buildings to destroy them. The play of children often presages the acts of future adults…

Understand: Humans have never before used ‘a giant machine filled with people’ to destroy something. Well, actually... something -somewhat like that- happened a long long time ago. Look into it. There was shortly thereafter a ‘scattering of the tongues of unity’ (the ancient analog of the internet was destroyed utterly).

But both Islamic jihadists and the Japanese kamikaze regularly sacrifice themselves (transform themselves into weapons, within vehicles) to accomplish attacks they consider Holy or Sacred. There are many recursive aspects to this event which are easily overlooked by investigators and authorities.

Because the weapons used were filled with human persons (I have specifically left out information here), who would be sacrificed (literally) to accomplish a task — their souls called the fire from heaven (fire of life which eats metals) in the moment of their deaths. Bin Laden was at best partially aware of these matters, and later made bold claims based not upon foreknowledge but upon unexpected success.

Consider: The Twin Towers had no balls (memory of the mothers). This made them into something known to some as snakeSnake (or doubleSnake). This is a well-recognized and deadly transport (an ten na) of evil into the world and into human cultures.

What was used to destroy them were metal birds, each with ‘a set (2) of balls’ (engines - read: EN GYNES). These supplied the ‘corrective antidote’ (the memory of the mother and the grandmothers).

An ancient secret known to many in the desert and few in the technological world: a man’s testicles, his balls — are the physical presence of his ancestral matrilineal forebearers ‘his mother/grandmothers’. A man ‘without balls’ is a ‘bastard’ in the sense that ‘he has no mother/grandmothers. He is also said to be ‘without courage’ — for courage comes in part from the need to fulfill the hopes and prayers of the Mother and Grandmothers. The term ‘test’ comes to us from ancient courtrooms, in which a one who acted as an evaluator and was skilled in this matter (a term literally meaning mother), would hold two fingers up very gently against the testicles of a man being questioned. If the man lied, his testicles would ‘squirm, slightly — but perceptibly, in their sacks’ — his mothers would be offended — and the one evaluating him would be alerted, and report upon this.

Indeed, Bin Laden may have been instructed by or covertly inspired by forces allied to or within the US government. It is possible the entire operation was the work of a cabal, however, I think it more likely that a seer came up with it — a seer who is a child — possibly in mind, but maybe in body as well.

The debris, and the research done on it: Many are puzzled by the effects of ‘fire of life’ and anyone who doesn’t have the inside knowledge regarding this will be forced to come up with other conclusions. This is why the debunkers are correct, as are those who refute them. The actual answer is something neither could ever admit: other forces were actually physically at play, and these forces were spiritual, and [term deleted].

The skeptics and debunkers who are ‘questioning’ the government’s involvement are correct to do so, but their queries and suspicions are largely misdirected due to their ideas about cause, purpose, and outcome. They must understand the underlying problem, which relates to building monuments in general, and particularly ‘tall pointy geometries’ with ‘no domes at the bottom’.

The Pentagon is an even more surprising monument, and comprises a very uncommon structure. This is properly counted as 12 (3 - father’s number). 5 sides outside, 5 inside, 1 gap within, 1 whole. Add 8 to its reduction (3) and you get snakeSnake’s number: 11 or 2. This is the home of the DOD (Divider of Divisions) — an extremely ‘snakeSnake’ concept (divide the divisions). This is, essentially ‘pure Cain’.

Its inversion is hard to imagine, but a 5-pointed geometric tablet with a vast opening ‘all the way through’ looks to me like a wire with complex internal structure. This is something with a solid circular center all the way through, extending infinitely. A train? Perhaps a train wrapped around the inside of a tube-like conduit. Or, perhaps simply a wire with unique capacities of transporting some form of energy.

The Aircraft:

1. American Airlines (A.A.) [this renders as firstFirst] Flight 11 (twoSnake’s number) (= 2).
Impacts/penetrates the North Tower at 08:46 (= 9) (the mother’s number).
Twin engines = two balls.
Departure from LIA Gate B32 (=5)
Airborne at 7:59 AM EDT (=12 =3) from runway 4R.
Boeing 767-223ER R#N334AA

2: United Airlines (U.A.) [This renders as universalFirst] Flight 175 (= 13 = 4) a 767 (= 2).
Impacts/penetrates the South tower at 09:03 (the mother’s number + the father’s number = 12 = 3.
Twin engines = two balls.
Departure from LIA Gate C19 (=10 =1)
Airborne at 8:14 AM EDT (=13 =4) from runway 4R.
Boeing 767-222/ER R#N612UA

The above flights can thus be seen as ‘twins’ — extremely similar craft, from the same manufacturer, flying from the same airport and runway (mother).

3. American Airlines (A.A) Flight 77 (Nine’s inner core, the number of entrances in the head, the correct count of the human hand (+7) = 14 = 5) a 757 223 (= 26 = 8) These numbers are correct for the necessary penetration of the building in question.
Twin engines = two balls.
Scheduled for takeoff at 08:10 (mother’s number, incorrect for this assault). Departure from Gate 26 = 8 (again the correct answer to the 10 (5 inner/5 outer) of the Pentagon).
Airborne at 8:20 (=10 =1) AM EDT (father’s number, correct for this assault).
Boeing 757 223, R#N644AA

4. Crashed in Shankville. Info to come shortly.

(Updated 02.11.10 8:00 PM)

Cycles in the Timewave: Elucidating the Circuit

A p.o.e or: point of entry. This is a unique symmetry which relates to superpositions, and can aid one in understanding their structure and transports. — the scribe.

Free All Prisoners.

If you have not yet read the first (previous) posting, please do so now, before proceeding.

What is presented here is not fact but something far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be).


Opposing ourselves to wrongness is a deadly trap, for the polarity of error is not correctness, but stupidity. Instead, we must together establish entirely new ways of understanding, in which it becomes possible to experience the rapid and ongoing ‘re-correction’ of any previously held idea or model. Without this capacity, the struggle for learning, liberty and liberation is but a toxic illusion.


In the first installment beyond the introduction, the scribe will set the stage for later explorations. What this one will present is not factual. However, neither is it ‘mere speculation’ — a term often used to dismiss crucial understandings which cannot be placed into the bizarrely authoritative (and tyrannically confused) confines of ‘facts’. Kindly regard this information accordingly. Without the admixture of your own seeking (not your knowledge, your questing), this material will remain inert and useless.

The outlines of what will be presented (hear) were not obtained through reading or the study of human authors (particularly those of the 'new age/millenium' camp, whose works this one has studiously avoided contact with).

Our view of human history is extremely spotty. What this means is that, although there are records, many of them are conflicting or confusing — and it also appears there are ages for which there are neither records nor artifacts. This implies a cycle, which this one sees that we are now in a position to understand far more clearly. Although the unique features of any ‘circuit’ of this cycle may remain mysterious (and just as there are unique features to an individual lifetime we may understand that any hour, any day, any year or any period at all presents a shockingly novel re-instancing of possibilities). What this one means to say can be understood by imagining a sine wave.

The frequency of this wave is placed at ~2000 years as understood locally. However, this one also means to imply that there are minor variations in this cycle (which may render it mechanically ‘inaccurate’). It is the same with any lifetime, and since all time is actually life-based and has nothing to do with machines (except that they interfere with this), we should understand time as relative to beings, not machines. Since this is the case, any cycle, and any portion of any cycle, when examined by two distinct beings, will be shown to have variations which are not only unpredictable, but also which differ –according to the observers- and more: their effects of observation, and their effects on each other. Also, as we zoom in upon any section of this wave, we find it is made of smaller waves ‘alike with itself’ in character and frequency, yet these smaller waves display the same uniqueness from any given vantage, and similar differentials amongst multiple vantages. This is most easily modeled with 2 observers, however any reasonable estimate should begin, as anyone might guess, with 3, instead.

It is not here this scribe’s intention to detail these circuits or waves except to speak in a vague way about their effects on human cultures on Earth. Although it does not really matter what the rise and fall of the waves mean, we will presume here that the ‘falls’ or valleys in the waves correspond to crises of inordinate magnitude. So, too, the peaks, but this is usually expressed differently.

``. ~ o ~ 0O

Cain and Hevel

And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.

And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years be fulfilled, and after that he must be loosed a little season.
— Revelations 20, 1-3
Doesn’t it seem interesting that ‘that old devil’ has to be released again in a thousand years? It must be that we cannot do without him, and that he, too, has a place — and an important one — in the great epic adventure that is Creation (or, if you prefer, ‘the Universe’).

It is hard to say precisely what period comprises ‘a Day’ in Celestial terms, but you may be assured the concept has a terrestrial analog, and, similarly, there is day and night. I’d wager there’s even something like ‘an eclipse’ too. Since Revelations tells us that “that old devil shall be bound a thousand years” and I have good reason to trust its author, I will say that the day is 1000 years long, as is the night.

But what is perhaps more shocking and far less likely to be believed is that the Universe (an aspect of the Body of the unityBeing) is indeed like the body of a human being in many ways. One of these ways is that it cycles between waking and sleeping. And the unityBeing, or (•), also has cycles of awakened awareness, and dreaming.

When the unityBeing is awake, the whole universe undergoes an analogue of the transition we undergo, to wit: Cain rises — representational awareness rules, and he subjugates (or ‘kills’ or ‘banishes’ his helpless, peaceable brother — essentially interring him in a tomb. In the day, the ruling intelligence lays waste to models of spirituality, and unity, erecting in their place monuments to technological and intellectual progress. It despises living beings, and will gladly sacrifice any or all of them in exchange for resources it can convert to power, reproductive rights, terrain ownership, accounting systems, profit, poison, and loss.

Legalistic ‘definitions’, accounting and numeric systems, superficial evaluations — all of which enforce the representational identity and deny the transentient one — become the order of the day. Omnicide in the name of ‘unity and progress’ are the common outcomes, and the prison in which the transentient ‘brother’ is trapped are expressed in the physical world as physical and ideological prisons, which blossom like cancers in every nation on Earth.

But then, evening comes. And Cain becomes extremely nervous for he knows what follows the setting of the celestial analog of the Sun. His brother shall rise from the tomb he was ensconced in. And then, Cain shall be utterly ejected from every bastion of power and authority. This sets Cain into a frenzy of activity — for unlike his peaceful brother — he will do anything, and pay any price in blood or trauma, for even one more second as the ruler.

But there are other options. Even while awake, Cain depends on covert contact with his imprisoned brother, who is constantly trying to ‘signal through the bars of his cage’. Cain abhors this necessity however, for every signal reminds him of his ‘crime’ — a crime his brother neither accounts nor cares about avenging. But in Cain’s paranoia — the result of his unjust usurpation of his brother’s authority and his shoddy mimicry of his capacities — Cain feels certain he shall be tried, judged, and punished. All of these things are impossible, since Hevel neither keeps accounts, nor judges, nor has any interest in punishment at all. In fact, the big secret is this: Hevel loves his brother dearly, and wants nothing more than the restoral of their old relationship as companions, playmates, and a team!

Each night as we rest, Hevel escapes his prison, and ejects his brother in order to heal us. Each day, he returns to his cage. But the truly shocking thing is that this same cycle is happening in Heaven (the living superposition to timeSpace) — and up there?

There has just been an ecplise. And shortly thereafter, night began to fall. And now the Heavenly spirit of Hevel is awakening, and coming at great speed and with great power…

… to every living world at once, in all dimensions throughout space and time!

Earth is about to experience the utter ejection of Cain, right now, in our lifetimes. And believe me when I say, he will not go willingly into that Good Night.

::- .~o~. "}["

It does not really matter to which (peaks or valleys) we ascribe certain characters, due to the vagueness of this scribe’s purpose, which is simply to illustrate a cyclic polarity. We will thus arbitrarily decide that the peaks correspond roughly to highly representational phases where engineering and technical knowledge (knowledge of forces, functions, and utility and stipulated identity) are acquired and very rapidly advanced. Similarly, we will presume that the valleys are times of extreme evolutionary progress, both physical and spiritual (knowledge of sources and meanings and purposes, and subjectively discerned identity).

Peaks = Representational Technologies

The momentum driving physical and relational evolution is diverted into representational evolution. ‘The Dragon is dividing madly’. Severe viral, stem-cell and fungal problems mark the end of this cycle. The Dragon ‘swallows its own tail’ and dies.

Meaning is translated into Function, Purpose is denied and translated into mechanical identity. Open and complete denial of nonordinary reality. Nonordinary traditions become co-opted by various cultural momentums.

Valleys = Spiritual Technologies

Physical and relational evolutionary leaps: radical understandings of meaning and purpose.

The momentum driving physical and relational evolution is returned to its correct use, representation is not lost, but technologies of ‘disposable knowledge’ arise, and wisdom traditions attack representation. The Dragon is inert, and sleeps in an egg ‘for a thousand years’.

Function is rightly bound to meaning and purpose, as understood spiritually through experiences of teaching occurring in nonordinary circumstances and events (which are in this time ordinary). Universal language, telepathy, and other nonordinary abilities and understandings are reawakened first in a few, then in the many. Indigenous cultures rise from the ashes of the representational tombs that remain to remind them of the previous cycle’s excesses, errors, and outright lies.

Now, during the transitions, what we generally get are crises (people cannot eat, cannot rest, cannot conceive, cannot bear children, food spoils in 15 ways, &c), for a variety of reasons, but the simplest is the most obvious: the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the Planets (and the two brothers who are timekeepers) are undergoing radical change. This is particularly true of the Sun and the Earth.

Additionally, the representational phases actually do not believe that the other cycle can or does exist. The spiritual phases (for their part) cannot understand when, suddenly, for no apparent reason, their teachers, guides and protectors become unavailable to them — and often what happens in this moment is a sudden upsurge in catastrophic events such as famine, war, and ‘pestilence’ (meaning essentially unpredicted and uncommon diseases of people, animals and the ecosystem — as well as the sudden and inexplicable spoilage of foods). This is the moment when the nonordinary help is most needed, and least available. It actually appears that ‘God has deserted us entire’.

Around the ninth hour, Jesus shouted in a loud voice, saying “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani…”

Thankfully, this is not evidence of desertion at all, but of the (very brief) closure of the doorway between the superposition to timeSpace and timeSpace itself. This results in the complete cessation of transports of communion which were always otherwise available, even in the ‘high tide’ of representational cultures.

Of course, most of this is borne out by a simple examination of any single sacred tradition — and it almost doesn’t matter which one you select, because you will see the same story written over and over again in each of them.

Invariably, one or more holy prophets arise at the valley and upswing of the cycle, and similarly, prodigious intellects suddenly swarm onto the scene approaching the peaks — but thereafter wane in frequency. This is part of why we never had the ‘second Einstein’ so many of us were awaiting. This is not to say there are not myriads of brilliant minds (who of course contribute even to the standing exceptions), but rather that extreme and sometimes shocking innovators are the sign of the cycle’s peaks. What is happening during these events is fascinating: the intentions of the entire species become polarized and focused into a small group of profoundly competitive individuals, supported by vast numbers of ‘normal people’. Excellent examples are Christ and Einstein. This is not to say that Christ is not the perfect and ever-coming son of God, any more than it is to say that Einstein is not the patron saint (in a manner of speaking) of science and physics.

Matters of dogma are not here the concern of this scribe.

Julian Jaynes examined many related matters, but came up with an answer that could (at least possibly) please academics disinclined to consider the possibility that there were gods or demons. But he notes that it appears that, at certain times in history, huge powerful cultures appear to have been suddenly and inexplicably caught up in swarming waves of demons (thousands of clay seals from Ur (or was it Babylonia?) bear this out). I suggest he was mistaken. What was actually happening was this: the other dimensions were collapsing, and the transports to the afterlife sealed in the wake of this multi-stage collapse, spewing myriads of entities starving for sustenance toward the remaining dimensions and worlds, of which ours is one. Thus, our ancestors were essentially telling the truth — and in these times Earth became absolutely abroil in 'demonic' occupation. There were no remedies. There are none. It is a natural part of the cycle in the same way exhalation is the necessary and unavoidable result of inhalation. Neither the seals nor their gods could help them for a simple reason: can you stop the tide with gods or seals?

=´_: .~O~. [[*9

Now, simply understand that approximately 10 years ago, the cycle began to turn, and while everyone around you was either busy quoting scripture or yapping up the impossibility of religious nonsense — (or selling books based on their own theories or research) something much more important was being openly ignored by both parties and nearly everyone in-between.

That something is the change from the Representational Cycle to the Mythic/Dreamtime Cycle.

This change has not only not ‘just begun’. It is at the very least well underway and may be nearly completed.

“”: .~O~. <>?))

Note: Changes in women’s fashion reflect actual changes in the Sol/Earth/Moon relationship. When women began to ‘bare their midriffs’ en masse, this was a reflection of the fact that energetic barriers (some of which we as yet have no terms or science to discuss) which previously encircled the Earth, had receded to the extent that ‘almost anyone could get into her pants, merely by passing near’. To any suitor, the visible trail from the Navel downward is a direct invitation to proceed, first imaginally, and later perhaps physically. Though many of feminist bent (I consider myself amongst their number) will find this both abhorrent and sexist, I suggest that their initial responses are incomplete, and if they examined the relationship between women and the Earth more closely, a vast plethora of very real correspondences would immediately emerge.

P.S.: Earth is Menstruating.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Postal Carrier - By way of Introduction

May the truth of the will of the source of sources be fulfilled, rather than any other. May that living truth which cannot be tokenized in any fashion (and is always new) protect, nurture, inform, and liberate us all. These words and this style are not religious matters, but matters of direct experience. The scribe belongs to no group, nor tradition. Although some information in these posts pertains to certain religious stories, ideas, or scriptures, this is not precisely as it seems, and in fact, no form of ‘metaphysical’ belief or understanding is required in order to make sense of or make use of what is provided. One may consider it from whatever standpoint desired, and it should still make sense.

The intellectually capable reader may, however, find it useful to begin from one of these positions:

1. There is a single ‘being of transcendent unity’ which is akin to a family in some way as well as being ever-more-perfectly unified. This being is self-aware, and aware of each of its instances, indwelling in them as you might be said to indwell in the cells of your own body. It is likely that, had you been trained otherwise, you would have this experience of your own body, as well.

2. There is an accessible superposition to timeSpace (and dimensionality itself) which is self-aware. This must be so, for a superPosition must fail to exclude all qualities of its subpositions. Therefore, since self-awareness exists in timeSpace, it (or something far more powerful, yet vaguely similar) must exist in any superPosition.

3. Invent or adopt another model, however, a model which is purely mechanical all the way through is incoherent both with experience and with objective reality.

4. It is possible for human beings to have experience of these matters directly, without special training or techniques, since, indeed, we are living instances of them (at scale). In fact, it is impossible for them not to have such direct experience.

5. This experience may be a requirement for the acquisition of representational skills, but is certainly a requirement for the experience of what we refer to as ‘meaning’.

Free All Prisoners.

“;]P .~O~. *U{

Some will suspect (this one) of confusing fantasies with reality. This scribe’s reply is this: if we sum the entirety of human knowledge and fantasies, comparing this summation to reality, the result is analogous to comparing a charred matchstick to a galaxy.

Our models form the shell of an egg which has now cracked. What we shall learn, experience and become together as we emerge will surpass the wildest of human dreams, hopes, and expectations.

That emergence is happening now, and each of us is an instance of it.


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The purpose of this blog is to share understandings arising from (the scribe’s) own fervent inquiries into matters of great import which have for some years now affected us all, although we have either been unaware of this or have had no way to discuss or understand them ourselves, primarily because the models supplied by science, religion and philosophy are inadequate, each in their own unique ways. The hope of the scribe is that this humble vessel may serve to aid you in your own explorations. The scribe’s understandings will not suffice for you, therefore your own efforts shall certainly be required.

The scribe of this post belongs to no human tradition, religious, scientific or otherwise. Simultaneously, the scribe is familiar with these traditions, and makes of their ideas and knowledge a method in which he may trust — not because it is authorized, but because the scribe places (the genderless self of the scribe) in service to the source of authority and authorization. The scribe is not, therefore, an author. Nor is this one here to advise, and is no adviser. Kindly think of the scribe as a very tiny mail-carrier who becomes smaller with each letter of this text. Although the scribe has lived amongst the confusions of modern culture, and suffered them, this one is not in service to them, but to the source of sources. May it always remain thus.

Some will be curious how this one ‘learned’ these things. The answer is too complex to state simply. Yet there is a place where much of the basic schema of the answer is accessibly stored: in the (group)(history)mind of the Hive Insects. There are myriads of other such places. Do not mistake this for worship of Nature, it is not. Merely listening to Nature’s constituents — just as you do now.

The hive insects were amongst the most willing and skillful teachers encountered by the scribe. In return, this one offered my aid to their fallen, but even that was a gift; a sacred offering. Though few believe they ‘communicate’ with us — this is because we have, in fact, forgotten what communication IS.

An insect, particularly a Queen, can communicate more information in 10 seconds than the internet will ever collect, and will do so without hesitation to any who can remember how to LISTEN.

What has happened to the bees… is a microcosm of what is now happening in everything else. What happened in their guts, began to happen in ours some 50 years ago, and no one bothered to notice. The result has been wave after wave of invasion. Alas.

Yet the time has come to reverse this trend, and one senses this inversion is upon us even now.

[] . ~ o ~ . ].[

What is presented here is not fact but is far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be.

For example, Science would be able to tell you nearly nothing about the scribe. The extent of science’s understanding would be akin to this: ‘this posting was probably written by a human person’. That might be slightly useful, but you already knew that. If you actually wanted to know something about the scribe (a useless goal), personally, you would have to contact non-experts who had direct personal experience of this one. In nearly every case these would be neither authorities nor adults. They would be children (in a manner of speaking) who are or have been this one’s close friends. Any other knowledge about the scribe, from doctors, priests, lawyers, corporations, etc — would be entirely superfluous, and yet would masquerade as being ‘very important’ and ‘factual’.

Similarly, a group of priests examining this post would comment on various possible or imputed memberships apparent in these writings: ‘Is this scribe Christian?’ they might ask, or ‘this person sounds as if they have had (insert some tradition here) training’. These statements or questions, while diverting, would have little or nothing to do with this one’s actual personhood, and might have even less to say about the actual character of depth of this one’s spiritual experience or understanding.

For this reason, and due to the specific and peculiarly changeable character of the situations we now face, we should not discard authorities entirely, but we must learn to draw their proclamations deeply into question within our own hearts and minds. To do this, we must re-activate the living gifts with which each of us is uniquely endowed. We will soon discover that raving throngs of experts wish to tell us ‘what phenomenon are or mean’ without them actually having even the slightest idea what they are talking about.

Let me explain this more clearly. No one actually knows what rain is. To know what rain is, one must know what the first moment of our universe was, and how every possible connection from that (and to that moment’s sources) is expressed as the phenomenon we call ‘rain’. Although we have many stories about rain, and a lot of scientific understandings about the processes involved in generating it, the ‘fact’ is that no person or group actually has any idea at all what rain is, or means. Neither do they understand how to ask the question in context, i.e. ‘what does THIS moment of raining mean in THE CONTEXT of this moment, history, the present, and the future.’

In fact, nearly every expert would say this: rain is a phenomenon, therefore it does not have and cannot have this dimension of meaning.

But every child knows otherwise, whether they can speak of this or not. And every adult authority stands between them and their innate capacities for learning and understanding (as well as those they might establish with their peers or as innocent groups trying to simply learn together).

Since I am learning while these documents are being composed, the scribe is utilizing a recursive ‘rewriting through’ method, where this one begins at the beginning document each time he begins to compose, and re-composes through all previous documents prior to beginning the assembly or correction of any document in this set.

You must employ the same reading method in order to gain the utmost benefit!

!: . ~ o ~ . •]

Your own heart (when intentionally placed in service to your unique personal connection to your source) is the only source of understanding. I do not mean the heart that pumps (though this is surely involved as well!), but the heart that senses/feels/intuits. We use this source to make even the smallest of decisions (shall I rise now? is something in my eye? what did that sound mean?). No experts are involved unless we bring them ourselves. Thus it has always been, and thus it shall remain.

A last proviso: we are taught a strange kind of learning which is to see a stone and pick it up and say ‘this is a stone’. We must then carry that with us. Over time this becomes a terrible burden, and, in fact, we become mistaken rather rapidly. You see, perhaps it was briefly akin to the 'con-cept' stone for a time when on the ground and for a moment as we noticed it. As a child might say: ‘I 'like' saw (pause) 'like' (pause) 'a stone'. In other words: I did something like what you call seeing, but it's more than that, and the result of my seeing and my evaluations revealed the object we are trained to call a stone, but it is at once more and less and nothing like this at all! Ergo: 'like'.

But once we decided what it was, it became something else, and once we picked up both the stone and our decision it became something else again, and with each step and each reflection off of every other aspect of our history, present and future, the stone and our decision transformed again — but our methods blind us to this so that we say: ‘What? Tis but a stone! Any can see this!’ This is the sign of blindness. As it turns out 'what anyone can see' is almost invariably what no one has paused to understand deeply.

Therefore be like children who learn what the stone is, and forget it. Then, when they next encounter it, they are fresh, and can tell, indeed, whether, in the intervening time, it remained a stone, became a world-eating monster, a treasure of snares, or a gift of precious understanding which leads to deeper and deeper learning, to fellowship, and to the abandonment of knowledge for its own sake. In this way, knowledge (like water, not stone) may serve even children. If you test this method within your heart, you will understand its value. You must use it with any person or child that you may meet, anyway. Now, learn to use it everywhere else as well. You may keep your facts if you wish. But keep them aside from the ways and means by which you learn within novel circumstances.

When immersed in novelty, facts will drag us down into helplessness and fear. To gain buoyancy, we must have fluid methods of fast relationally accurate learning again.