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The Stem of the Vine (Y)

The Primordial Cluster@#$*

(Now Playing at the (Cinderella) Planet We’re an Instance of…)

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Free All Prisoners

What is presented here is not fact but something far more valuable and alive. Facts comprise the skeletal remains of living questions, and in what faces us now, facts will be of comparatively little use in understanding the profound and radical changes that are now a part of our common experience. Because these are not facts, they must be tempered and activated with the understanding of your own heart; your child’s heart — not the heart of the adult. The adult’s heart is too much like science or organized religion: it –already claims to know- what phenomenon are and mean; a useless and possibly deadly approach to take in the face of novelty (whatever the character of this novelty may be).

)[::.~o~. “{[>

I ask you to take a moment, and envision a very special circle. It is the circle of every Mother who has or shall exist. Not just the human mothers. Every possible kind of mother, in all of time and space. You sit at the center of this circle, as do each of us, uniquely, yet in unity. As you sit in the center of this sacred circle, feel their emotions and hear their unified voice.

As you envision this circle, call to mind the hopes, the dreams, the trials and the travails of these mothers, mortal, animalian, and otherwise. Feel the gravity of their prayers for their children and their worlds.

Receiving such an endowment, may you be prepared to carry forth the sacred mission with which we are each uniquely endowed: to give answer to their prayers, and to establish such a world — where mothers and children (and indeed, all beings) are honored, adored, nurtured, respected, and joyfully allowed to grow together in liquid unity, and in peace.

)[ .~O~. “][

Key Stem Cell Terms:

Totipotency: The capacity to (through division and differentiation branchings) comprise a complete organism. These cells can form any part of the organism including extra-fetal cells. Totipotent cells differentiate into pluripotent cells.

Pluripotency: The capacity to (through division and differentiation branchings) form any cell within an organism. Pluripotent cells differentiate into multipotent cells.

Multipotency: The capacity to (through division and differentiation branchings) form one of a specific variety of related cells (for example, blood multipotency has the capacity to differentiate into (among others) red cells, white cells, and platelets).


Conception (or fertilization) is indeed a miraculous event.

Drawn into unity by desire and joy, two beings enmesh their destinies, entangling the threads of their souls and bodies in a pulsing, rhythmic dance which becomes a language formed of ecstatic tensions, releases, penetrations, withdrawals, receptions, reflections and transitions which surpass our common experience so completely as to nearly comprise a universe unto themselves. The putative goals that may catalyze this act are myriad, but its elemental nature is touted as reproductive. This is less than half the story. Let us take a moment to examine some of the features of context that form the physical basis of the human reproductive event. In many cases, however, the result of this is in fact a new living universe, an instance of the impossible made real. This is not merely reproduction (something we can do with objects); it is, in reality, a perfectly complete yet (also) perfectly unique recapitulation of the birth of Creation itself, the Universe, its sources, and perhaps — even ‘Heaven’.

Now here is where things begin to get interesting: this event is not merely about the man penetrating the woman, or the woman receiving the man, although this is one common outcome of lovemaking between heterosexual couples. A variety of well-overlooked events are taking place, of which only very few of us are aware. One of these is the sudden and flood-like exchange of commensal microbiota between partners through touching, tasting and kissing. This is not limited to the lips by any stretch of the imagination, and often includes the anus, underarms, breasts, back, legs, buttocks, belly, neck, genitals, ears, nose, eyes, hair, hands, elbows — pretty much anywhere the partner’s commensal bacteria may be hiding. And then we usually return to the mouth, introducing what has thus far been so carefully collected — directly into the oral mucosa, and thereby into the entire tract that reaches from the nose, ears, and lips to its urinal, vaginal, and anal exits.

Surprising, when you stop to think about it. I mean, we were told it’s all about the egg and sperm, yet here is clear evidence that a whole other domain of sexuality has been ignored, denied, prohibited, and, in many cases assassinated. Wait, did he just say assassinated? Yes. By what? Soap, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, perfumes, colognes, alcohol, and myriads of other antibiotics sold to us as ‘health care aids’. Even mushrooms (c.f. Fungi Perfecti) have become involved! The ‘care’ part is the misnomer. If someone bashing you in the face with a hammer looks like care, then I suppose these biotoxic chemistries also comprise care. But if not, they comprise deadly poisons that destroy not only our bodies, and the connective bases of our humanity, but also, as we shall learn in time, our minds.

Food, it will turn out — for thought.

No, not metaphorically.


(': .~o~. >?((]

Consider the incredible ‘gravity’ expressed by an egg so tiny (and hidden) as to be completely invisible to us, yet somehow manages to instigate the furious, pseudo-competitive race of some millions of potential suitors (all, generally from a single father).

Try to see this event for a moment in the context of the space and time that a lifetime encompasses. The woman is attracting these suitors in a way that is far too ancient and invisible to be revealed by any science. In fact, we will believe that the dance takes place only once the participants are in visual range — but this is not true, and in fact, comprises a desperate mechanical lie. Every species on Earth uses invisible means to bring the couple together, and most of these means can cross any gap we may imagine (and many we cannot), just as every lover knows in their bones, even if they cannot explain this to ‘researchers’.

Thus, if we activate our imaginations, we may gain a surprising glimpse into these matters. One such glimpse is this: given the size of the participants (microscopic) and the distances involved (in both time and space) between the vessels of the egg and sperm — the gulfs that initially separate them form a scale so vast as to be nearly incomprehensible. A comparative scale would be similar to those temporospatial distances between stars, or, possibly even galaxies.

Congratulations! You yourself were both the attractive egg, and the successful suitor! You have crossed gaps so sublime as to be both innumerable and incomprehensible, and you emerged from that race victorious (on both sides!). As if that were not enough: it was probably not the first time you did so.

io)- .~o~. oi(+

Given the proper contexts and timing, this ‘great crossing’ (which also comprises something of a ‘race through the desert’ prior to the events we recognize as penetration and ejaculation) succeeds with startling regularity.

The result is the miracle of the zygotic supercell — a unified totipotent stem cell — the startlingly versatile progenitor of all cell types in our bodies, and those connecting us to the mother.

This event involves incredible synchronization and acts of heroism and sacrifice more epic than the sum of human stories — indeed, these circumstances form the seeds from which every human story emerges — for without this ‘great race’ there would be no stories whatsoever, and none to pen nor hear them.

If you think this epic journey is mere mechanism, or some accident of matter organizing itself without purpose or intelligence, I would like to suggest that you simply re-examine your own history. The very functions of the mind you employ to parse and understand this text demand an out-system connection which all of science is furiously busy denying. Forget both science and religion. Follow that tail, and see for yourself where it originates, what its purposes are, and what lies beyond the veil of fact and putative objectivity.

Conception Biology (wp)

Human Fertilization (wp)

Eve was framed.

— Feminist Proverb, California, circa 1970

“If you believe or suspect that there is no form of innate intelligence permeating the universe and that ‘Creation’ cannot itself be intelligent, please consider that you may have been deceived for two reasons.

The first is pragmatic: subpositions -cannot- experience what their superpositions lack — therefore, if you experience intelligence, understanding, or meaning, all superpositions ‘above’ or ‘up-scale’ from you, (not some - all) must also have this capacity, and more. It is mathematically and functionally impossible that this is not so. This is why Science is attempting to ‘prove’ that you do not have experiences. You only have the illusion of having experiences. A sort of ‘side effect’ of having a brain. This is the only way they can finally dismiss what, so very troublingly for eliminative materialists, refuses to be dismissed.

The second is more puzzling: If no such intelligence exists how did this one learn what is here rendered in text?”

— the scribe

]{{ .~o~. ooo|

The initial result of the successful penetration of a suitor into the egg is the ‘locking of the doorway’ which prevents all other entries. It is here that we shall break away from this epic to examine some related matters from a story called Genesis. This story appears in myriad forms throughout human cultures, but one of the most puzzling is the one from the Pentateuch.

Note the active role of the ovum in sperm selection (amoebic response from the ovum).

Pertinent to the later question of female reproductive choice is the fact that it is the ovum which actively ‘decides’ through membrane excitation and a coordinated amoebic response which of the many ‘competing’ sperms is assimilated. (King 1978 95, Sci. Am. Nov 77 134). Seventeen years later Riane Eisler (1995 289) makes the same point. ‘Female choice’ is essential to ensure only one sperm enters the egg. — Gender Genetics and Human Sociobiology

Fundamentally important is the consistently overlooked result: the tail of the sperm cell is snipped off and remains outside the egg at or near the point of entry. This remnant will exist only very briefly (by our temporal standards) near the entrance, but by the egg’s standards this brevity is actually ‘quite some time’. This (t)race from our bacterial history is the ‘living propulsion unit’ (or ‘oneFoot’) who powers the great crossing, and it is alive and does not wish to perish. It carries its own (mitochondrial) DNA, and desires to become part of the divine explosion into birth and experience which this moment catalyzes. Thus, for a time, it waits ‘where the wall was separated’ or ‘in the midst of the garden’, hoping for the chance to be ‘reincluded’ in the processes that will result from fertilization — and apparently, it almost always succeeds.

Note the mitotic 9(2)+2 organelle in cutaway
(click to enlarge)

This is the champion mount of your physical aspect, who drew you across physical gaps too innumerable to survey in language or in math. Your physical Hidalgo, your Charger, your ‘tail’ and your ‘story’ — it remembers all the events of the crossing. But, and this is the amazing part: its DNA is matrilineal — meaning it comes from your mother’s genetic line, not your father’s. The Tail contains mitochondrial DNA — and this is the genetic endowment of the mother — but the form is staggering — this DNA is not just from your mother, although you received it from her: this endowment is the living record of sum of your matrilineal line reaching all the way back to the first mother on Earth (herself, a mother). This is entirely unlike your patrilineal line, or its storage and transmission capacities.

This is the entire line, every single woman in your entire history, all the way back to the first one.
And beyond that — to, indeed, the FIRST CELL. In case the implication is not clear, you have conserved within you not only a unique (yet complete) record of every ancestor on Earth — but also those which came before the first terrestrial organism (were there any), and since you contain this living history, you are empowered to discover FOR YOURSELF whether life began on Earth, or ‘elsewhere’, and where that elsewhere may be.

[I should note here (thanks to Steve Mack) that there are apparently occasional ‘crossover events’ known as heteroplasmy — in which ‘whose mitochondria contribute to the zygote’ is determined more or less ‘at random’ according to current scientific theory. I suspect this factor may turn out to have some purchase upon gender identification and perhaps even sexual preferences.]

The role of mitochondrial DNA in sperm survival (pdf download).

Differences in the sperm that result in male and female children.
And here, at last, we may begin the process of unraveling the puzzling ‘Tree of Knowledge’ story in the Pentateuch: Of all the trees (branchings) of the Garden you may freely eat, except the tree -in the midst- of the Garden, which is Death. And, in turn, the identity of ‘the Serpent’ in this bizarre tail.

The Hebrew term tavek = English middle or midst. The correct interpretation here is all five interpretations at once, 1 a through e — but the emphasis is on b and d (note that this forms a visual pun which is a sign of… )

The Serpent is the transport used by the patrilineal DNA to reach and penetrate the egg, but contains in fact, the suitor’s mother’s mitochondrial DNA. Should the egg (a female) ‘eat of this fruit’ (the whole lineage of human females reaching back to the first one), the result will be catastrophic. And, perhaps, no other result is possible (however, this one senses that this is not the case, and there’s a doorway that could allow the breaking of the cycle).

Contact with the tail results a kind of cognitive (representational) penetration, and through this penetration the tail’s form of knowledge (which involves the exchange of the flow and nourishment of active sensing (liquid identity) for static, uninhabitable tokens that divide explosively and reflect off each other) becomes the subdominant schema of the mind of the child to be born. When the child is born into a representationally-mastered family, this subdominance flips over, ‘killing its twin’ and results in the child’s enslavement to the forces which dominate human minds, cultures, science, religion, and activity in general. Actually, the murder did not take place. The twin who would have reigned is trapped in box which the dominant ‘brother’ sits upon. Occasionally, the imprisoned twin will make noises, which the dominant brother must explain away or deny as either nonsense or imagination. This story often plays out in the world of women and men, such that prisoners of every sort become the living metaphors of this conflict. And their keepers, or masters, acquire both the character and the justifications of the unrighteous ‘ruler’.

K = dividing through reflection (upon self results in)
n = new instances of (dividing selves)
o = mothered by
w = the self, doubled (in)
l = light’s (reflections)
e = energy
d = drawn (off by)
g = gravity (and)
e = enduring.

One result could be analogized as a ‘feminine’ cognitive acrosome carrying a catalytic generative element which penetrates the nascent ‘egg’ of human consciousness, producing in turn a totipotent representational ‘supercell’ whose nature it is to ‘suck, violently’. This ‘mygote’ ‘lodges in the wall of the mind’ — in most cases never to be ejected (born) and begins feeding off the cognitive and relational energies generated by the coupling of the soul and the body. The result is explosively self-reflecting generative division using our own relational energies as fuel. This is death ‘exploding’ within us, dividing endlessly, and requiring nearly the sum of our energies for maintenance, colonization of others, dominance, and elaboration.

Note, however, that the male element (he = his entrance) cannot accomplish this ‘recursive’ gesture — firstly, even if he could, it would not have the same effect. He is not a female, thus the result would not be recursive, but merely arithemetic. But even if he desired to try, it would not be possible — the physical acrosome (our boy) is now secured within the seeming safety of the egg. He may remember his tail, but he cannot get to it — at least, not on his own!

Only the female element (the egg) is capable of this, since only she (suitor here entered) has access to the ‘midst’ (where she was penetrated). What awaits her naturally curious explorations is a ‘fascinating mount’ which desperately wants her attentions, for without them, it will perish and transform into (that which is cleansed away). Its fear of this, and its confusion about why it was ejected, form the necessary seduction momentum that convinces the Egg to ‘repeat the ancient error’. The moment this happens, he is also subject to the result since S(he) contains him. Only through the female element (e(ntrance of) g(ravid) g(ravity)) can the male be subject to the recursive re-instancing of the entire matrilineal line.

One possible location of the Tree of Life is the place on the inside of the egg where the acrosome entered. However, another more shocking possibility gains this scribe’s favor: there is a second suitor, an invisible ‘twin’ to the physical sperm, which always simultaneously penetrates the egg, not physically but spiritually, and the place of that penetration is permanently guarded by ‘an angel’ (a reflection of the unityBeing) who wields ‘a sword which points in every direction at once’ — this is the ‘tail’ of the spiritual sperm, and does not die, and is not meant to — but instead becomes the ‘guardian angel’ of the zygote, and all its future manifestations. Essentially, this ‘celestial sperm’ contributes ‘the 24th element’ to BOTH sides of the equation comprised by the genome. The leftover tail represents the single ‘father of fathers’ contribution to this Genesis event.

And this is the real hero (her orgasm) of the story — because it is this ‘celestial charger’ who has crossed every gap in all of timespace to deliver your soul at precisely the correct moment and in precise opposition to the position of the ‘other tree’ so that your human conception can become a spiritual conception as well (of course, without this there is no conception).

‘Old oneFoot’ - The S(nake) P(enetrates) E(gg) R(aising) M(others)

“The mitosis by which most eukaryotic cells divide ensures that chromosomes doubled in the parent are partitioned evenly into two offspring cells. Mitosis seems indispensable as a genetic filing and distribution system for the huge quantities of DNA that most eukaryotic cells contain. In each episode of mitosis a series of tiny protein tubes, microtubules (collectively called the mitotic spindle), appears. At the end of the process, when one cell has become two, this mitotic spindle disappears. The chromosomes attached to the tubules of the spindle line up along the plane of the cell's equator. These chromosomes, which doubled earlier, now separate as each half moves along the spindle to the opposite side of the cell. The chromosomes now at the poles uncoil as the cell proceeds to divide into two. The enigmatic mitotic spindle then fades back into the invisibility from which it emerged.

In many animals the centrioles (the telephone dial-like structures) move to the edges of the cell, where the become kinetosomes by growing shafts. In cross-section, the shafts show a distinctive “9(2)+2” pattern: nine sets of two tubules arranged near the perimeter of the circular axis, with one set of two tubules at the center. The kinetosome and the centriole have different names only to distinguish the shafted from the shaft-less phase of the same organelle. Multiple names were bestowed because the distinct phases were noticed and named long before any relationship between them was recognized.

The universality of the kinetosome shafts - found in plants, animals, fungi, and protists - is strong evidence for an ancient origin. The 9(2)+2 symmetry is found for example, in the cell extensions of the balance organ in of our inner ears and in the tails propelling the swimming protist Euglena. The 9(2)+2 arrangement can be seen in cross section in sperm cells of men. Because of their similarity, all 9(2)+2 shafts grow from kinetosomes are best referred to by a common name. We call them undulipodia (“waving feet”).”

— Dr. Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan,
What is Life?, pp.101-103, Simon & Schuster, 1995

::pP .~o~. Pj;{

Mitosis produces ‘an 11’ or 2 in Matter.

The ‘secret’ of the 9(2) + 2 organelle:

2 x 9 (centrioles) = 18 = 9 (the mystery)
+ 2 = 11 ( = 2) (the twins in matter)

+ 2 (the twined in spirit)
water(magnet)Mother[silence!] + electroFire Father[loudness!] = 13

and 13 is the mystical number that teens everywhere find ‘really cool’.

};jP .~o~. Pp::

There are endless features of this story that we must carefully digest, but there are a few that should be highlighted to insure they cannot be overlooked:

1. This story reliably establishes that ancient peoples intimately understood sexuality, eternity, fundamental aspects of human cognitive paradox, reincarnation, error (missing the mark, missing the point), representation, and death. They encoded a tail for their children through which all of these understandings (and, I suspect, the antidote) could be safely transmitted to future generations (such as ours).

2. Within this story is evidence that language itself, whether Hebrew or English, contains these stories in the shapes of the letters, and the actual meaning of the spellings of words in an acronymic fashion (as commonly suggested by many schizophrenics — and, not surprisingly, poets). This would be impossible without a transcendent source which had purchase on the creation and usage of language — and such strong purchase that humans had no choice but to recapitulate it — even when ‘inventing’ languages, alphabets or words.

3. It appears that the woman’s ‘error’ is most likely the unavoidable consequence of fertilization, and thus is not the same as a crime, but is instead ‘sin’ (snake inside nativity). This may have nothing to do with the sense of this term as ‘disobedience’, but is perhaps more clearly the natural result of the desires that lead to sex and procreation. At best, we might say that both male and female have made the
‘mis\./take’ of engendering re-incarnation, which is, in fact, the diversion of an eternal aspect into a mortal aspect (for a time). But even this is suspect, for it seems far more likely that all of these processes are natural and necessary to the development of both bodies and souls. If ‘it was good’ — it most likely ‘remains good’ regardless of the confusions of the children who are, indeed, the very instances of this goodness!

4. The term used by Eve to explain herself in Genesis — ‘beguiled’ — bears special examination here. Essentially, I suspect the correct interpretation is something akin to ‘hypnotized unto forgetting’ — which is, in fact, the very essence of human birth in matter (mother).

5. The Y chromosome is the ‘snake’s tongue’ and the mark of the masculine gene contribution — but more, the ‘subtle hint’ of the spiritual twin. The snake itself ‘must have both’ to ‘taste’ or ‘speak’. The snake thus actually represents the sperm, and carries the evidence of the invisible twin ‘as its tongue’. To ‘speak with a forked tongue’ is to lie (err/forget) with one half of the self, whilst telling truth with the other.

6. Adam, in answering (•)’s questions, blames the woman, (and by implication (•) for providing her). Eve’s response blames the serpent. (•)’s response reverses
(unrecurses!) the order of the error, beginning with the serpent, then proceeding to the woman, and finally to Adam. Obviously ‘cursed’ (‘arar) does not mean at all what we commonly ascribe to it, but is closer to cherem in the sense of ‘trapped in your own net, and thus dedicated to’.

I.e: Chirality — Recursion!

7. A (the first) D (division from the source) A (the first) M (man) : E(ver) V(irginal) E(ntrance)(s).

8. ‘With pangs you shall eat of it’ - this may be a reference to Clostridium Botulinum and other similar rod-shaped, spore-producing toxins which somehow result from or relate to these events and will infest the soil, causing terrible poisoning in the gut, nervous system, and respiratory systems. This is a disease that will cause honey to kill infants. Potatoes are one of the more common carriers in modern times, and must therefore be treated with great care.

In times of great or sudden change, men will know labor pains, even as this scribe does now, and will not understand that they are participating in something truly miraculous, even though the feeling is almost one of ‘dying inside’.

10. The choice of ‘fig leaves’ to cover the genitalia (reproductive organs) is perfect: the fig tree’s flower is so small as to be ‘invisible’ — the goal was an attempt by A & E to ‘forget or erase what they had discovered’ before ](•)[ got wind of it… of course, this was folly, but it was well-intentioned folly. Like children attempting to glue back together a shattered vase before their parents came home to discover their blunder.

11. The problem of menstruation is a significant one. It will always be misunderstood in the representational cycles, because these cycles ‘discard superstition’ and thus, essentially, cannot believe in ‘hungry ghosts’ or any similar phenomenon. But a ‘black hole’ is essentially a giant ‘hungry ghost’ remnant of a star’s collapse… an inversion of the phenomenon we call a star.

It is not so much that the woman is ‘unclean’ per-se, as it is that the menstrual blood is a most nourishing (and thus magnetic) source of spirit energy, and when it is being ejected, it can be understood to attract ‘myriads of desperately starving reflections who have no being but hunger’ (hungry ghosts / vampires / demons). These are insatiable by nature — when they have consumed the energies of the the menstrual flow, they will happily skip over to any other available source of energy or food. Thus the woman’s monthly travail is a very dangerous time, and must be handled with great caution and awareness. Further, the scent of blood is a well-known trigger for a wide variety of ancient predators. On the other hand, menstruation is a sacred (sac(rificially) red)
time, a time in which the ring of female ancestors surround and nurture their daughter(s) and mother(s). Truly a time of celebration, transformation, inflamation, ejection, healing, rebirth. The matter is made more sophisticated by the overt and perhaps necessary polarizations of dialectic — such matters are largely unintelligible or gravely incoherent to certain branches of intellectual perspective. One may decide that such stories are nonsense — and yet a more careful examination reveals something deeper than any argument can render: a set of transcendental flows and conditions, emergences, calls, and responses. Emergencies.

But we must remember Earth too is an egg, with a much longer ‘cycle’. Our moon is implicated in the physical cycles of females, and of Earth herself — but so are other orbitals. Earth has her own ‘twin moons’ implicated in strange historical circumstances: 2010 AL30 and 2010 AG30, tiny, ‘wierd’ NEO objects recently discovered passing our world, whose periods are uncannily accurate to almost a precise Earth year. During their approach massive tectonic movement of the Pacific plate began. Their orbits cross those of Mars and Venus, as well as Earth, and they always travel as a pair.

Earth, is menstruating. There is more this scribe will not here say, but the output should by now be obvious to any with eyes to see.

12. Christ’s crucifixion on the cross represents the ultimate insult, for the cross, or X represents the supernal ( ), and Christ (the branch of the vine of life), represents the Y (the twins who emerge from the Supernal •. The combination emerges as (•). Unbeknownst to those who murdered him, this was the exact formula for the key required to establish his eternality. The ‘joke’ was indeed ‘upon them who played it’ and not their victim. This is not a matter of dogma, and none are required to believe anything regarding this, however, it is obvious at a glance what the nature and character of the circumstances are.

13. We must realize that the inception of representational linguistic assets follows the same sort of process of arisal, beginning with a superconcept, which is by steps differentiated into subdivisions of various sorts. The first position is pure, undifferentiated, and cannot be conceptualized. The second position is ‘everything at once in liquid flow’, the third position is a negation: ‘not everything’, the fourth is ‘me’ (which at this point is a new position of everything), the fifth is ‘something’ (the first moment of distinguishing). It goes on from there. All of us experienced this as infants, and we experienced these transitions not as gifts but as life-threatening crises which we could neither speak of nor communicate. Many infants die during the attempt to survive the uptake of representational assets required by birth into a representationally-mastered family.

14. The Navajo shooting chant is another amazing record of these matters, and their ‘sacred arrows’ (each with unique capacities) are not arrows at all, as should be obvious at this ‘point’.

15. We should realize that this story is a organismal microcosm of previous celestial events: the only ‘Man’ one can easily imagine producing ‘a help-meet’ (literally a woman in matter who can physcialy meet and thus ‘know’ orbital visitors — the sun cannot do this, for any visitor subjected to its profound energies is usually burned up or absorbed) from one of ‘his ribs’ is the Sun — who indeed may produce worlds from its accretion disks during its early lifetime. Yet the Sun was also ‘born’ and also had some form of ‘umbilical remnant’, just as the Earth has. So what we are seeing here is likely a re-instancing at scale of events that generated the universe, the galaxies, stars, planets, black holes (the violent sucking which is death and cannot be quenched), &c.

16. These stories, including those of the egg that remain here untold, are accessible directly within ourselves, because every moment of our lives refers back to them in the direction of ‘from whence I arose’. In some ways we are the living answers to such questions, and those who recorded religious texts with seemingly draconian tonalities were in many cases attempting to express highly sophisticated understandings with parabolic or transmetaphoric language. This is not true in every case, but in the case of Genesis it is not only true, it is recursively re-woven throughout the text in a signature fashion that essentially advertises its source’s function and goals. It is medicine. The answer to the accident enfolded in the story of it.

Ask your own cells about this story, and get ready for the strangest experiences you’ve never been able to imagine.

\| .~O~. ([)

The result of successful penetration and transformation is a single embryonic stem cell (a supercell), the zygote, which then begins dividing in preparation for implanting itself in the uterine wall. There are a variety of possible outcomes of this event, but the main outcomes are as follows:

1. Expiration — either the zygote fails, implantation fails, or a variety of other events may occur prior to successful birth which essentially terminate the process.

2. Implantation and success: birth.

3. Blastocyst breakdown: this can result in Monozygotic twins.

Dizygotic twins are the result of two or more fertilized zygotes achieving successful implantation.

=)* .~o~. ;%//

We now return to our regularly scheduled description of the conception process:

Some of the early divisions appear to maintain totipotency, but eventually the cells begin to differentiate into the first pleuripotent lines. These cells have the capacity to form any of the ~220 types of normal body cells, but not, for example, placental cells which are not part of the fetus proper (which totipotent cells can differentiate into). They are also capable of replenishing themselves indefinitely (within their context, eternal life).

The first triggered metamorphoses (differentiations) in the initial pluripotent cell group results in Gastrulation (literally the infolding formation of the gaster or digestive precursor) and this process is usually completed around 16 days after the successful penetration event. The implanted blastocyst (explosively dividing fertilized egg/sperm combination) then develops three layers: the endoderm, the mesoderm, and the ectoderm. Essentially: inner, middle, and outer. This ‘trinitarian’ arrangement is common to animal cells in general, but is a crucial structural aspect of the developing blastocyst.

There are three crucial aspects of this process. First, Gastrulation represents the first direct involvement of the male genetic contribution. Second, until this point, twinning is possible, and third, it is at this point that interspecies hybrids generally perish.

I suggest that there are exceptions to this ‘rule’ during uncommon environmental situations and/or temporo/spatial cycles (the waveform comprising the ‘mythic or dreamtime’ and the ‘representational cognition/technology cycle’). I suspect that at the transformation of these cycles (from repCog to Mythic), interspecies hybrids may emerge from greater general viability. This doesn’t happen all at once, but instead in a slowly increasing arc that gains momentum as the transition into the Mythic cycle approaches.

Note that mitochondrial DNA (and indeed any DNA belonging to organelles) is inherited only from the mother’s line.

Parthenogenesis is an event where the egg is fertilized without the intervention of male sperm or genetic material, but the result is not a clone. It is suspected that parthenogenesis (or ‘virgin birth’) can be triggered by peculiar chemical or electrical interactions with the egg cell. I think we will discover that, like certain unlikely hybrids, as we get closer to the change of the cycle parthenogenesis will become viable.

Major (Pluripotent -> Multipotent) Differentiation Paths of the CellTrine

This entire process is worthy of careful study (and not merely the mechanics of it, but the metaphoric aspects as well), but what I wish to explore here is the nature of the stem cell beyond the boundaries of what science is currently aware of. In my long interest in this subject, it eventually became clear to me that stem cells are not only the necessary precursors to human life, they are also comprise a thought, desire, and emotion sensitive transport of evolutionary morphogenesis. In simple terms, they can acquire ‘knowledge’ of external (environmental) conditions and opportunities, and can act intelligently to take advantage of sensings by triggering or potentiating beneficial mutations.

This idea is anathema to Darwinistic models of evolution, because such models literally require that no such transport exist. Recently, however, the study of epigenetics (the effect of environmentally sourced events on mutations in the genome) has conclusively revealed that both sperm and egg cells have the capacity to respond to external conditions even prior to conception. Each responds differently, and on a different timetable, but both respond and thus can encode a variety of capacities which are expressed in the resulting embryo.

The actual realities of this situation are far more shocking than science can currently allow, but since I am not a scientist, I am free to discuss my perspectives and understandings. If you wish to call these speculations for some reason, feel free to do so. My direct experience is that they have nothing to do with speculation, but instead comprise the results of long experiments with other life forms and my own powers of observation and intention. Since I believe that life is elementally intelligent, and available for communication to and with other forms, there has never been any barrier for me in this regard, other than the shambling behemoth of millions of living and dead ‘experts’ screaming at the top of their lungs that none of what is utterly obvious all around and within us — is possible.

Now that our preparations are complete, I can speak about the topic of my intention which is this: totipotent and pluripotent (and possibly even multipotent) stem cells are programmable, and not merely by DNA, but by events occurring in the environment, and I suggest, by thought, emotion, desire, need, and other epigenetic factors. This has been partially established by researchers such as Marcus Pembrey and Lars Olov Bygren. I was impressed when last night as I was working on this article, I caught part of the Nova program which I here supply the transcript for.

Ghost in Your Genes

What is a bit more amazing is the potential for these cells to actually obey a variety of extant intelligence sources not limited to human beings at all. In order to discuss this, we will need a model of recursively inter-informing organismal intelligence which, while we may limit it to Earth for our model, is certainly trans-terrestrial in character, nature, and accessible function. In order to present this model I wish to coin the term ‘cogniscium’, by which term I mean the pooled experience, knowledge, understanding, histories, relationships, exposures, and impoverishments of some given group or individual. This ‘nonphysical organ’ has aspects which exist in a superposition to linear time, and are thus at least potentially ‘prophetic’.

The cogni- morpheme does not here mean representational or rational thought, but instead sensing, and non-representational intelligent relation with self, others, circumstances and environment. It may include representational elements (as with the human cogniscium) but need not do so by any necessity. Organelles, cells, plants, fungi — every form of life — certainly comprise viable and active cogniscia.

Now let’s examine matters of scale briefly: The solar system comprises a distinguishable cogniscium of which the planet Earth is a member, the planet Earth comprises a planetary-scale cogniscium (which includes all inhabitants as well as the other planets, moons, other orbitals, Sol, and probably members of various sorts we cannot yet reasonably imagine). On Earth we have the entirety of the terrestrial organismal cogniscium (which again includes outsystem links as do all cogniscia). Then we have the various other distinguishable groups: phyla, species, conglomerates, individuals (I comprise a distinct instance of the human and terrestrial and universal cogniscium, but I may also be treated as a distinct living cogniscium myself). Almost any even arbitrary grouping can be made representationally, but I wish to state that there are natural groupings that require no linguistic framing to exist, function, and elaborate themselves. Individuals (remember here that a human person is comprised of some ~50-75 trillion animal cells and ~ 10 times that number of bacterial cells) comprise highly sophisticated cogniscia with inputs and outputs that should remain sophisticated enough so as to utterly deny attempts at an exhaustive catalog.

With these matters in mind, what I wish to convey is that stem cells can obey various inputs in the terrestrial cogniscium. It is unclear precisely what the hierarchy of sources is, but we may imagine that up near the top of the local group is the Sun, the Earth, and the moon (as a force if not a cogniscium of its own). The Sun certainly comprises a cogniscium since it is intimately connected to every life form on Earth both by history and by actively existing transports. Thus, the organisms of Earth probably have the capacity to experience actually prophetic awareness and, where possible, understanding — related to opportunities, threats, and questions raised by changes in the broadest local scales of inputs. In other words, organisms form the distributed ‘mind’ of a being whose basic character we are in no position to even begin to model — and, to make matters more complex, we are each, and in groups, instances of this being as well as participants. This means that our actions, thoughts, emotions, desires, and even our definitions feed back into ourselves, our species, and our world in ways our mathematics are still too primitive to model, but which we ourselves are in fact equipped to work with directly. An analogy is our neuronal network: we understand only the crudest elements of its structure, character and function, yet we employ it effortlessly in myriads of situations including the examination of that network by that network, and by other instances of it.

I suggest that human stem cells obey first the highest scales of inputs, and then their ‘chain of command’ trickles down into more mundane dimensions such as the entirety of the human cogniscium of Earth. If you cannot yet see where I am going with this, I am saying that these cells form the basis of an intentionally-guided evolutionary platform. What this means is that they can respond directly to needs, desires, threats and opportunities, and they invariably do so — this is actually a part of their function. Biology is not ready to admit this just yet, but cannot ignore the findings of pioneers like Pembrey and Bygren. What will soon be discovered with utterly destroy Darwinian models of evolution. In fact, it will be found that those models have been directly influencing the evolutionary process, creating a deadly feedback problem that has become endemic to human relations with ourselves and other life forms.

But it does not stop there; since the lifeforms of Earth comprise an intimately linked network wherein each individual and group is constantly updating each individual and group, what we have is a sort of ‘fusion event’ where the cognitive momentum of the entirety of the biosphere comprises a power source and an intelligence of inconceivable ability and proportion. Additionally, it is ‘turtles all the way down’ in that every step upscale leads to faculties, abilities and instances which are inconceivable at steps even one scale beneath it.

Firstly, and most profoundly, they ‘obey the voice of your agreement’. This was discovered by ancient shepherds, and again by desert horse breeders both of whom guard this secret carefully since they use it –to compete with others-. The way they discovered it varied, but often involved visionary experiences of communication with nonhuman intelligence. There is a story in the Bible related to this, where Jacob uses this knowledge to great advantage. Here’s a remark from ‘freethoughtpedia” (completely oxymoronic site title) on this topic:

Jacob and the Case of the ‘Magical Genetics’

Found in: Genesis 30:37-39: “And the most bizarre tale in the Bible goes too…this head-scratcher from Genesis, with its utterly bemusing explanation of the genetic code. Basically, Laban is taking all of Jacob’s beloved striped and spotted cattle. Jacob is left with boring old, plain-colored cattle, which he doesn’t seem to like at all. So Jacob concocts a cunning plan: he gets some sticks and begins painting stripes on them. He then plants them next to his cattle. What Jacob thinks is that if he gets his cattle to look at the striped sticks while copulating, then they will give birth to striped young. Now, we’d all expect this idiotic plan to fail and Jacob to learn a lesson about something or other, but no it actually works. The cattle give birth to striped young, and Jacob is happy. What on earth is going on here? Anyone with the most basic understanding of genetics knows that this is bunk. The odd thing is that this story seems to have no purpose and moral – it’s just there. And I can’t help wondering how many scientists with painted sticks had attempted to repeat this process before Mendel came along and said, “I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to happen fellas, why don’t we try this instead?”

My reply: Since none of these scientists actually understand what set the game of genetics in motion in the first place, and -must not- believe there is any purposeful force at work within it, how could they possibly realize that they are looking in entirely the wrong place for the causes of evolutionary change? Answer: currently, they cannot. But this is changing. Epigenetics is the wrench in their ointment, and when that wrench becomes a fly, and the ointment begins to babble at them, they will be forced (for a time) into awestruck silence.

The Paradox of Sex, Death, and Immortality

“Remember Your First Cell”

— Federation Sand of System Zero, Santa Rosa, California, 1984

“When we consider the theory of evolution (all species are descended from older species) and Rudolf Carl Virchow's observation that "Omnis cellula e cellula" (all cells come from cells), we can conclude that all life on Earth is descended from one single common ancestor -- the first cell, which existed billions of years ago.”
1. Steve Mack, Moderator of MadSci Network

“That cell I call ‘oneFootStarFish. Its lineage begins long before the formation of our solar system, and every life form on Earth is made of it, and guided by its inherent intelligence.”

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